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[ Read Online Timeline ↠´ young-adult-fantasy PDF ] by Michael Crichton Æ This was a good one When you step into a time machine, fax yourself through a quantum foam wormhole, and step out in feudal France circa 1357, be very, very afraid If you aren t strapped back in precisely 37 hours after your visit begins, you ll miss the quantum bus back to 1999 and be stranded in a civil war, caught between crafty abbots, mad lords, and peasant bandits all eager to cut your throat You ll also have to dodge catapults that hurl sizzling pitch over castle battlements On the social front, you should avoid provoking the butcher of Crecy or Sir Oliver may lop your head off with a swoosh of his broadsword or cage and immerse you in Milady s Bath, a brackish dungeon pit into which live rats are tos Crichton 14 600 200 , Crichton , 234.
3,5 5 Timeline, Michael CrichtonTimeline is a science fiction novel by American writer Michael Crichton, published in November 1999 It tells the story of a group of history students who travel to 14th century France to rescue their professor The book follows in Crichton s long history of combining technical details and action in his books, addressing quantum and multiverse theory 2010 1383 560 9649600186 20 1927 1967 14.
This was the first Crichton novel I read, which is probably to his advantage I knew it was fiction, so I was able to pick it up and cruise right through it Had I started on The Andromeda Strain, or Airframe, I might have thought he was a non fiction writer and not given him a proper chance As it turns out, I was instantly hooked, and began to furiously and ferociously collect everything I could get my hands on by Michael Crichton Now I ve read most of his novels, and have met him in person see photos Big fan, doodz.
Anyway, this is a time travel story, which automatically bumps it up a point in the storyline rating for me But it s not your average time travel tale It s very detail oriented, and you learn quickly that some of the characters have an agenda deeper than just wanting to go back and visit the medieval times The characters are rock solid and believable, and Having enjoyed Jurassic Park, I wanted to read Crichton Timeline now being the second novel of he s that I ve read.
What I found most fascinating were the complete flip between the two stories, as in Jurassic Park its about being the past being brought to the present Whereas Timeline is very much a journey back in time and a perceived perceptions of that era being completely changed.
As a group of history students are transported back to 14th century France to rescue their professor.
We ve all got an idea of what the medieval times must have been like, but it s not the same as experiencing it.
The same parallels can be drawn with the sound of a dinosaur.
I really like Crichton s style of writing and found the

I loved this book and then some arse made a really crap film and the book lost some of its shine I couldn t rid my mind of the film set and actors.
I still quite like the book.
The next stop in my time travel marathon November being Science Fiction Month was Timeline, Michael Crichton s 1999 thriller Crichton was not what I think of as a prolific writer he published sixteen novels in his lifetime under this own name, beginning in 1969 with The Andromeda Strain Perhaps the movies produced from most of these titles make it seem like Crichton was everywhere I d like to think that maybe the author devoted the time between novels conducting backbreaking research With Timeline, he certainly lays the groundwork all other time travel tales should build from.
The story takes off wondrously in northern Arizona of the present day with a couple roaming the Navajo Indian reservation in their Mercedes T The very concept of time travel makes no sense, since time doesn t flow The fact that we think time passes is just an accident of our nervous systems of the way things look to us In reality, time doesn t pass we pass Time itself is invariant It just is Therefore, past and future aren t separate locations, the way New York and Paris are separate locations There is a reason why Crichton was a blockbusting bestselling author, he had a knack for explaining things that do not make sense in such a way that they seem to make sense I like his take on the mechanics of time traveling in this book, it is logical and believable than most stories in this popular subgenre This mechanics involves quantum science and the multiverse, traveling to parallel worlds set in earlier time Another one star book for the so bad it pissed me off category I so wanted to like this book Up until this book I think I read nearly everything Crichton wrote Timeline, in my opinion, had a great premise Swashbuckler disguised as Sci Fi The problem I had was that Crichton tried too hard to explain his premises, and ended up making a jumble that even he couldn t untangle This book was supposed to have all the good stuff time travel, knights, castles, fighting, suspense But the characters don t ever really make it off the page The bad guys are so one dimensional, they are hard to hate Good book hate requires conflict, and the bad guys are just so unrelentingly bad Same issue with the good guys, the good guys are so boring, they re hard to root for In the end, I didn t really care if they made it back ok In An Arizona Desert, A Man Wanders In A Daze, Speaking Words That Make No Sense Within Twenty Four Hours He Is Dead, His Body Swiftly Cremated By His Only Known Associates Halfway Around The World, Archaeologists Make A Shocking Discovery At A Medieval Site Suddenly They Are Swept Off To The Headquarters Of A Secretive Multinational Corporation That Has Developed An Astounding Technology Now This Group Is About To Get A Chance Not To Study The Past But To Enter It And With History Opened Up To The Present, The Dead Awakened To The Living, These Men And Women Will Soon Find Themselves Fighting For Their Very Survival Six Hundred Years Ago

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