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[C.S. Harris] ä When Gods Die [managers PDF] Ebook Epub Download È Brighton, England, The Beautiful Wife Of An Aging Marquis Is Found Dead In The Arms Of The Prince Regent Draped Around Her Neck Lies An Ancient Necklace With Mythic Origins And Mysterious Ties To Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin Haunted By His Past, Sebastian Investigates Both The Marchioness S Death And His Own Possible Connection To It And Discovers A Complex Pattern Of Lies And Subterfuge With The Aid Of His Lover, Kat Boleyn, And A Former Street Urchin Now Under His Protection, Sebastian Edges Closer To The Killer And When One Murder Follows Another, He Confronts A Conspiracy That Threatens His Own Identityand Imperils The Monarchy Itself Audio 5 STARS Story 5 STARS So yeah, I liked the first book this one, however, I LOVED Maybe because the story wasn t so bogged down in establishing the main characters and their relationships.
CS Harris has an AMAZING ability to bring the streets of London in the 1810 s to life And narrator Davina Porter s performance takes an already great story to another level.
I highly recommend I ve already started book 3.
The story begins with what appears to be the murder of a young woman in Prince George s rooms.
in his presence Sebastian decides to investigate after finding jewelry on the woman s body that has special meaning to him What makes this story fascinating is the high political intrigue woven into what first looks like a simple assignation gone wrong Against the backdrop of Regency period history, the case takes on a vibrant life and the pace seems perfect Sebastian s relationship with Kat continues to be problematic and I believe that s intentional There were a few surprises, one being the perpetrator of the murder along with the reasons why It s impossible to take anything for granted This continues to be an extraordinary series, made even better by Davina Porter s outstanding narration.
The second book in the series and it is shorter and tighter than the first one with less time spent on descriptions and introductions As always I enjoyed every moment I spent in Regency England and I am starting to like Sebastian as a main character very much It is fun trying to solve the murder but even entertaining trying to work out Sebastian s own mystery The amazing discoveries he makes in this book regarding his mother are obviously going somewhere that will not be especially good for him I am very much looking forward to the next installment Rating 4 of fiveThe Publisher Says Brighton, England, 1811 The beautiful wife of an aging Marquis is found dead in the arms of the Prince Regent Draped around her neck lies an ancient necklace with mythic origins and mysterious ties to Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin Haunted by his past, Sebastian investigates both the Marchioness s death and his own possible connection to it and discovers a complex pattern of lies and subterfuge With the aid of his lover, Kat Boleyn, and a former street urchin now under his protection, Sebastian edges closer to the killer And when one murder follows another, he confronts a conspiracy that threatens his own identityand imperils the monarchy itself.
My Review BOOK 2 OF HIGHLY ADD Sebastian, having been absolved of murder, is now free of all charges, but when the Regent is discovered in a compromising position with a dead marchioness, he s asked by Lord Jarvis to investigate.
Devlin is reluctant, but when the manipulative Lord Jarvis point to him the neckless the marchioness is wearing he s shocked because that neckless was on his mother s neck when she disappeared 10 years ago And so he starts investigating, but that investigation will bring out some troubling things about his own family, besides the consipracy againt the monarchy.
I loved that all the other characters are present here too Tom, the street urchin is now Devlin s tiger and a very helpful sleuth Kat is now his mistress since she still doesn I liked this one much better than book one.
That s it, that s the review.
In 1811, while George III slowly descends into madness, Britain is under the rule of his son, the Prince Regent The Prince is not popular with his ministers or this people, as he is spoilt, dissolute and a spendthrift He is oblivious to the poverty and hardship of the common man and the cost of the Napoleonic wars So when he is found in his cabinet room in the lavish Brighton Pavillion with a beautiful but very dead Marchioness in his arms, his supporters must pull out all stops to clear his name and Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin is called in to put his many investigative talents to work.
This second book in the Sebastian St Cyr series was even better than the first Plot driven, there are many mysteries to solve, not just who murdered the Marchioness and why but there are also spies and plots afoot and Sebastian has a mystery about his own family to solve Sebastian was 4 starsI won book 10 in this series 2 years ago and liked it enough that I decided to go back and read of the series This is book 2 in the series Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin the British do like titles is called in to investigate the death of Lady Anglessey He has previously successfully solved a murder in book 1 and now, Lord Jarvis, a powerful behind the scenes kind of guy, asks Devlin to investigate Lady Anglessey was found dead in the Prince Regent s drawing room Jarvis worries that if the Prince is suspected of murder, there could be a revolt The Prince was enormously unpopular in June 1811 and there was fear of a Jacobite rebellion in Georgian England Devlin agrees to investigate when he learns that his mother s necklace was found on the dead woman Devlin s mother was presumed drowned many years before Devlin starts asking questions and soon he i 4.
5 stars again Shaping up for a favourite historical fiction series This one was even better than the first although I ve given them the same rating Set in 1811 when the unpopular Prince Regent built his hideous Brighton palace I feel like I m learning my history of this period through the books The details seem pretty authentic but I m no expert Fantastic mystery and the main cast of characters remain and develop and presumably will continue to, through the series.

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