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✓ Read ï White Oleander by Janet Fitch à I am appalled by the worldview presented in this book Yet the circumstances surrounding Ingrid, a poetess who goes to prison for murder are so artificial I don t want to squirm when I m reading, and I read for pleasure Is there a market for books like this Of course there is And I ve got nothing against people who like this book But should they lap it up like it s licorice The book is also about foster homes and what can go wrong I just don t think that the author should be so fake in her plotting in an attempt to fake verisimilitude I did like it on some level.
This book is similar to books by Khaled Hosseini It s a compliment, but at the same time, a denial.
This is Astrid s story.
We meet her first when she is twelve and in Ingrid s her mother care.
Ingrid is a woman of such rare, unearthly beauty as to be most likely found in dreams.
Fitch describes her through Astrid s eyes, gradually, poetically, using very sparse language, as the story unfolds, with words that sing, the pages glistening with the image reflected from her eyes The Santa Anas blew in hot from the desert, shrivelling the last of the spring grass into whiskers of pale straw Only the oleanders thrived, their delicate poisonous blossoms, their dagger green leaves We could not sleep in the hot dry nights, my mother and I I woke up at midnight to find her bed empty I climbed to the roof and easily spotted her blonde hair like a white flame in the light of the three quar Everywhere Hailed As A Novel Of Rare Beauty And Power, White Oleander Tells The Unforgettable Story Of Ingrid, A Brilliant Poet Imprisoned For Murder, And Her Daughter, Astrid, Whose Odyssey Through A Series Of Los Angeles Foster Homes Each Its Own Universe, With Its Own Laws, Its Own Dangers, Its Own Hard Lessons To Be Learned Becomes A Redeeming And Surprising Journey Of Self Discovery Dark, depressing, disturbing, and so beautiful When the author described the August summer heat I felt it, like hot breath on my neck I fell in love with Ingrid and her beauty and ideas of the world Then I became Astrid, and I felt how much she loved her and how bad it hurt to also hate her, but hate Ingrid I did I would walk away from long reading sessions feeling hardened and detached It s not an easy read, but I find literature that can make me feel so strongly well deserving of praise The words were like a sad song I connected with them so much that they became the theme song of my life for days The phoenix must burn to emerge I love that Astrid found love at the end and I loved seeing how her past formed her into who she was I too have been burned by a lost childhood, and spent a lot of time while reading this crying for this is a horrifying book, not necessarily for the story s content which IS horrifying , but for it s plot, execution, characterization, and particularly its overcooked writing some observations 1 astrid the novel s protagonist, a fourteen year old girl, is a thoroughly contradictory character some people have written that astrid is not your average teenage girl and that she is gifted if she were such a girl, i would expect much of her i m not a psychologist nor have i ever been shot, but i suspect any fourteen year old girl who s mother was sent to prison for murder, who offered herself sexually to a man three times her age, is shot by her first foster mother, performs oral sex on a boy in exchange for 1 2 bag of marijuana would be SEVERLY emotionally disturbed and troubled astrid, however, seems to care less that she was nearly murdered instead she focuses on and longs for I have many thoughts that I m having trouble putting into words Before reading the final chapter of the book, I had to put it down, lean my head back against the couch and think about the experience I ve had while reading this book Astrid s journey, her development from girl to woman, is remarkably crafted Fitch s writing paints the arid desert and mountain brush in such fine detail Atmospherically, this story was superb I was totally immersed in the story, in the physical spaces that Astrid inhabits through her 390 page life My only qualm was that I wish there had been a bit explanation from her mother s perspective But that final interaction in the prison, wow Just wow It took my breath away If you re st After reading her scorching short story in Los Angeles Noir, I smoked a cigarette I don t smoke , napped and reached for a novel by Janet Fitch Round 2 is White Oleander, which Oprah s Book Club made a sweepstakes winner at the time of its publication in 1999 and for good reason This is fiction at its most intoxicating, with boozy prose but also beautifully woven narrative, without a single lull in story or a character who fails to make a mark Its vision and breadth reminded me of W Somerset Maugham s Of Human Bondage, with a teenage girl in Los Angeles surviving a succession of mentors that mold her into an adult.
The novel is narrated by Astrid Magnussen, who introduces herself at the age of 12 living in a crummy Hollywood apartment with her mother Ingrid Employed as a layout designer for a movie magazine when she s not hustling

There must be a reason why I ve been able to recall many of the books I ve read over the years, but that it took me until one of my most restless and procrastibatory nights in front of the blank Word doc to dredge this one up from the recesses of memory, even though I read it within the past year or two.
I m pretty sure I know what that reason is, too it s because on some level I m embarrassed that I read this book, and that I actually really liked it.
I m pretty sure I know where that embarrassment comes from, too it s rooted in some pretty deep level misogyny and discomfort about my most womany womanliness, or something like that anyway.
This book is the most Oprahiest Book Clubby selection I ve ever read in my Well, what was I supposed to rate it I did work awfully hard on W.
O still like it Sad to think Oprah s book club is all over, it was quite an experience.
This was a masterful yarn about a complex relationship between mother and daughter It was about the loss of self, the journey of finding oneself, and most importantly the resilience of the human spirit This wasn t a tale of any ordinary bond between mother and daughter, this was a story of the severe dysfunction that occurs when a mother, Ingrid, is imprisoned for murder and a daughter, Astrid, is passed around like garbage from one foster home to another This novel explores the intricacies of their relationship It explores the depth of emotion that Astrid feels toward Ingrid, ranging from obsessive love to all encompassing hatred.
Janet Fitch is not just a storyteller She is like Calliope, the Greek Muse of epic poetry Fitch spins letters into gold every word that she chooses is deliberate and precise When you read a book by Fitch it is an experience to savor letting the story was

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✓ Read ï White Oleander by Janet Fitch à izmirescort.pro Janet Fitch was born in Los Angeles, a third generation native, and grew up in a family of voracious readers As an undergraduate at Reed College, Fitch had decided to become an historian, attracted to its powerful narratives, the scope of events, the colossal personalities, and the potency and breadth of its themes But when she won a student exchange to Keele University in England, where her pas