Download Epub Format Ï Why I Am a Five Percenter PDF by È Michael Muhammad Knight

Download Epub Format Ï Why I Am a Five Percenter PDF by È Michael Muhammad Knight This is the second book by M.
M Knight about the 5%ers after his The Five Percenters Islam, Hip hop and the Gods of New York While the previous book focused on the history of the group, its theology culture, and connections with hip hop, this one takes a personal philosophical engagement with the 5%ers The book does contain an introduction to the group and an overview of its historical and ideological evolution, but the focus on M.
Knight s paradoxical position toward it On the one hand, he is fascinated by Allah the founder of the group, aka Clarence 13X and the ideology he preached, but, on the other hand, he does not want be another white man who conquests a black native culture from within and lecture its members from within how they should be politically and morally correct On the third hand, M.
Knight is a Muslim conver Good book.
Still reading.
I was expecting a book that made heavy reference to 90s Hip Hop and all the Five Percenter references therein, and indeed there were quite a few However, this book looked in depth at the Five Percent Nation and how its beliefs are or indeed aren t compatible with mainstream Islam I didn t expect that at all, and I have actually never studied Islam in any way or form However, I still found the passages about Muslim theology highly interesting on a spiritual and anthropological level The author also makes some excellent points about race in this book, which are the parts of the book I enjoyed the most and will remember longest I still find myself going back and reading passages from it now, than 6 months later.
Excellen Fascinating, informative and all around great book.
Great info The brother takes you throughout the history and explains everything you may have been wanting to ask I read this at least one or twice a year.
A Thoughtful, Insider View Of The Five Percenters A Deeply Complex And Misunderstood Community Whose Ideas And Symbols Influenced The Rise Of Hip Hop Misrepresented In The Media As A Black Parallel To The Hell S Angels, Portrayed As Everything From A Vicious Street Gang To Quasi Islamic Revolutionaries, The Five Percenters Are A Movement That Began As A Breakaway Sect From The Nation Of Islam NOI In S Harlem And Went On To Impact The Formation Of Hip Hop References To Five Percent Language And Ideas Are Found In The Lyrics Of Wide Ranging Artists, Such As Nas, Rakim, The Wu Tang Clan, And Even Jay ZThe Five Percenters Are Denounced By White America As Racists, And Orthodox Islam As Heretics, For Teaching That The Black Man Is Allah Michael Muhammad Knight The Hunter S Thompson Of Islamic Literature The Guardian Has Engaged This Culture As Both White And Muslim And Over The Course Of His Relationship With The Five Percenters, His Personal Position Changed From That Of An Outsider To An Accepted Participant With His Own Initiatory Name Azreal Wisdom This Has Given Him An Intimate Perch From Which To Understand And Examine The Controversial Doctrines Of This Influential Movement In Why I Am a Five Percenter, Knight Strips Away Years Of Sensationalism To Offer A Serious Encounter With Five Percenter ThoughtEncoded Within Five Percent Culture Is A Profound Critique Of Organized Religion, From Which The Movement Derives Its Name Only Five Percent Can Act As Poor Righteous Teachers Against The Evil Ten Percent, The Power Structure Which Uses Religion To Deceive The Eighty Five Percent, The Deaf, Dumb, And Blind Masses Questioning His Own Relationship To The Five Percent, Knight Directly Confronts The Community S Most Difficult Teachings In Why I Am a Five Percenter, Knight Not Only Illuminates A Thought System That Must Appear Bizarre To Outsiders, But He Also Brilliantly Dissects The Very Issues Ofinsiders And Outsiders, Territory And Ownership, As They Relate To Religion And Privilege, And To Our Conditioned Ideas About Race This book is amazing Unfortunately, whenever there is an Arabic name or word, kindle invariably replaces at least one letter with a little box symbol This would never have happened in a print version at the same or lesser price Very discouraged from kindle purchases Michael Muhammad Knight has created a masterpiece here It is extremely honest and brilliant analysis of the many issues that come into play between religions and races here in America and elsewhere When Knight, a relatively orthodox Sunni Muslim writer, who is also white, starts getting drawn into the subculture of the Nation of Gods and Earths, a group that split off from the Nation of Islam, a group which claims in no uncertain terms that the black man is God ALLAH Arm Leg Leg Arm Head , that the white man is the devil, and teaches an esoteric way to analyze the world and gain knowledge of self, through the supreme alphabet and supreme mathematics Knight leaves no stone unturned in analyzing what his duty to this group entails, as he becomes and a part of it, Great read loved the book

Michael Muhammad Knight

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