[James D Murray] ½ Windows NT SNMP [world-of-darkness PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ izmirescort.pro

[James D Murray] ½ Windows NT SNMP [world-of-darkness PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓

As Communications Networks Grow In Size And Complexity, It Becomes Increasingly Difficult To Locally Manage And Control All Of The Devices Eg Routers, Servers, And Workstations On Those Networks SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol Gives You A Way To Manage Network Devices Remotely You Can Use SNMP To Check On The Performance Of A Network And Its Devices , To Find Out What Problems May Be Occurring, And To Fix Them originally Developed For The Management Of TCP IP Networks And The Internet, SNMP Is The Protocol Recommended By The Internet Engineering Task Force IETF For The Remote Management Of The Nodes On An IP Internet Network SNMP Is Also Commonly Found On Novell IPX And Appletalk Networks TCP IP And SNMP Are Included As Standard Networking Components In Windows NT And Windows This Book Covers The Implementation Of SNMP On Windows NTAndWith A Look Ahead To NT, And WindowsSystems It Contains Programming For NT SNMP Detailed Developer Information On Installing The Microsoft SNMP Service, Using The Microsoft SNMP APIs, Developing Win SNMP Extension Agents, Implementing Traps, And Writing Network Management ApplicationsExtensive References To Additional SNMP books, Web Sites, Newsgroups, Microsoft Documents, And Other Internet ResourcesThe Book Comes With A CD ROM Containing A Wealth Of Additional Information Standards Documents, Sample Code From The Book, And Many Third Party, SNMP Related Software Tools, Libraries, And DemosThe Table Of Contents Follows Part I SNMP BasicsIntroduction To SNMPNetwork BasicsNetwork Management And SNMPInside SNMPPart II SNMP DetailsGetting Started With The SNMP ServiceUsing The Extension And Utility APIsWriting Extension AgentsImplementing TrapsUsing The Management APIWriting Network Management Applications A References B Microsoft Knowledge Base C RFCs D What S On The CD ROM Glossary

James D Murray

[James D Murray] ½ Windows NT SNMP [world-of-darkness PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ izmirescort.pro James D Murray started his computer career in 1981 on a Version 6 UNIX system running on a PDP 11 45 and programming in C Over the years he has specialized in serial communications, image processing and analysis, UNIX and Windows NT systems programming, and telco network management Currently he works for a telecommunications company developing network management stations and as a staff writer for O Reilly Associates James is a coauthor of the O Reilly book, Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats and maintains the Graphics File Formats FAQ He lives in Southern California, has a degree in cultural anthropology, has studied computer science and both Western and non Western music, and practices the Japanese martial arts of Aikido and Iaido Japanese swordsmanship