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¹ Writing Magic: Creating Stories that Fly ê Download by ¹ Gail Carson Levine This was very much writing 101 for children and young adults I enjoyed it but it wasn t groundbreaking Iso enjoyed this book for seeing behind the scenes of Gail s books and seeing her specific writing process.
Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I hate reading books on writing They re all either dry, give bland advice, or they repeat what they say over and over again, and it feels like reading one of the countless OTHER books out there on writing.
This book doesn t feel that way for me I ve adored Gail Carson Levine since I was a child Ella Enchanted was one of the books that made me who I am today, steered my interests towards fractured fairy tales I ve read many of her books, and she is somebody I recommend to nearly everybody who asks I hadn t realized she wrote two books on writing, so I was thrilled to find they were both only 3 dollars onLevine doesn t go into much detail as to bore a reader, but the small details she gives makes an impact She related her chapters to actual parts of her own life she talks about how it was a struggle to finally In Writing Magic, Newbery Honor Author Gail Carson Levine Shares Her Secrets Of Great Writing She Shows How You, Too, Can Get Terrific Ideas For Stories, Invent Great Beginnings And Endings, Write Sparkling Dialogue, Develop Memorable Characters And Much, Much She Advises You About What To Do When You Feel Stuck And How To Use Helpful Criticism Best Of All, She Offers Writing Exercises That Will Set Your Imagination On FireWith Humor, Honesty, And Wisdom, Gail Carson Levine Shows You That You, Too, Can Make Magic With Your Writing Gail Carson Levine is a quirky author I hate to say it, but I ve yet to read Ella Enchanted or Dave at Night or any of her princess books I have heard of Ella but I just never really thought of picking it up I might after reading this book Heck, I ll go ahead and say it, I didn t even know who the author was until she mentioned Ella Enchanted It s sad, I knowIt is a very helpful book I like the way she presented things and how she offeredthan one way to do everything, being considerate of people who like to do things differently Though I didn t get to do all of the writing exercises, I really think they could be helpful I intend to go back and do them sometime I havetime This was very good I really liked reading it and it has I Love This Book Writing Magic is not the type of book on writing that tells you how to write It isa book of writing prompts and exercises Mrs Levine doesn t tell you how to write, she just gives you advice and examples of things like writing in the third person, or writing details in your stories One of my favorite chapters is Writers Groups and Other Helpers It is about being involved in writers groups, or just letting others see your writing As a writer I know how it is to let others see your writing You worry if they will like it, you worry what people will say, etc There is nothing wrong with helpful criticism, but there are times when a lot of criticism is not helpful and just plain mean I ve experienced that myself What she says on how to deal with them not so helpful helpers is great advice.
The book also talks about finding you Cool little book I always learn something new and important reading these.
My mom ordered this book for me years ago when I was in my early teens after I read Ella Enchanted and wanted to read everything that Gail Carson Levine had to offer She did not read the description so she did not realize that it was not a story, but rather a collection of tips on how to become a writer yourself When this book arrived and I got my first glimpse of the cover and title I thought it would be about a girl who could write something down and then magic would happen from the words like Bedtime Stories before it came out I was initially disappointed but after I finally picked it up and started reading it, I was glad my mother had gotten it for me Although I never became a writer, I spent several years wishing I could be and scribbling stories down in my notebooks This book started me thinking I could do it if I wanted to and gave me a much bigger apprecia

while this was written for young writers, I found it very inspiring as an adult the content is concise and well thought out there are plenty of writing exercises and they are not cheesy her advice are solid and not just fluff this is a good reference to return to again and again.
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comAlthough WRITING MAGIC is geared towards young adults, this is the perfect helper for anyone who has ever wanted to write a book Creating stories is hard work It takes practice, discipline, and dedication It would be nice to think that writing a book simply means sitting down and typing up words, but, alas, it really doesn t work that way Thankfully, though, we have Gail Carson Levine, Newbery Honor author of some of my favorite books ELLA ENCHANTED, THE TWO PRINCESSES OF BAMARRE, and FAIREST, to name a few who has taken the time to put together WRITING MAGIC Filled with tons of wonderful tips about becoming a great writer who creates even greater stories, there are also writing exercises to get those creative j I m sixteen years old and have had this book for s couple of years now and let me just say that no book has ever communicated such a deep appreciation and love of the art and whimsical power of writing as Gail Carson Levine did in this book I ve written stories for as long as I van remember and this book has been a true treasure to me I recently finished an almost 300 page book that sparked from one of the story openers in this book My story change over time and went from the intended 20 pages to much longer and I did end up changing the beginning but this book is what sparked my imagination for my tale and I know that the things I learned on this book will be things I always treasure and use.
Awesome book Five gazillion stars

Gail Carson Levine

¹ Writing Magic: Creating Stories that Fly ê Download by ¹ Gail Carson Levine Just letting you all know I m only going to review books I love There s enough negative criticism without me piling on A book is too hard to write.Gail Carson Levine grew up in New York City and began writing seriously in 1987 Her first book for children, Ella Enchanted, was a 1998 Newbery Honor Book Levine s other books include Fairest Dave at Night, an ALA Notable Book and Best Book for