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ã Zoroastrianism: An Introduction ë Download by Ä Jenny Rose

ã Zoroastrianism: An Introduction ë Download by Ä Jenny Rose

ã Zoroastrianism: An Introduction ë Download by Ä Jenny Rose The good news is that this book provides a wealth of information about Zoroastrianism including its history and development Unfortunately, I found the writing and style of the book to be rather dense and dull In fact, the writing style somewhat distracted from the good information that the book contained, which actually wound up distracting me to the point that I had a hard time retaining the information that the book provided Therefore, as a resource this book is really good But, if you are looking to read a book that can educate you and introduce you to Zoroastrianism, I d have to say look else This book was just too dense to really get into or appreciate.
The book is packed with information much of it of a kind one does not expect or desire to find in an introduction Far too much attention is given to archaeological and other details of little interest to those who seek to be introduced to the subject Particularly discouraging is the way technical terms, in whatever variety of Iranian language, are introduced once and freely used forever after Hardly a page goes by that does not force one to consult the glossary or the index at least once Instead of An introduction , a better subtitle would be An encyclopedic guide.
On the other hand, I was disappointed in not finding a systematic discussion of the relationship of Zoroastrianism with, at least, the Mithraic cult of the late Roman empire and Man Sobre todo es un manual de c mo entender actualmente el zoroastrismo mazde smo, los problemas a los que se enfrenta el creyente y la difusi n de la creencia Los apartados hist ricos pasan a un segundo plano, pero son muy importantes para comprenderlo todo.
La parte hist rica desde la ca da del Imperio Sas nida hasta la actualidad es especialmente curiosa y llevadera, aunque otras partes del libro sean algo pesadas Es un ingl s sencillo, en general, aunque la inclusi n de t rminos persas a menudo dificulta la lectura fluida.
La encuadernaci n es francamente mala.
El libro no cuenta con los n meros de p gina.
This Book was Way than I hoped for You see, years ago I must have read something about how Zoroastrianism brought on a virtual Moral Revolution in the West, comparable to Confucius s Moral Influence in China The difference being that Everybody knows about the influence of Confucius in Asia but that Zoroastrianism suffered badly in the Storms of History allowing Morally Derivative Religions to grow and thrive while Zoroastrianism was minimized and marginalized Most serious Historians do not even Consider Zoroastrianism The Focus is all on Egypt, Greece and Judaism.
Well, fortunately Professor Jenny Rose came along with her scholarly Masterpiece It can t be long before she is a Full Tenured Professor somewhere, even Head of her own History Department.
The Title of her Book is An Introduction however, this is in context to how the book was grouped w

bought it for for a rather ignorant christian relative Jenny Rose is a scholar that specializes in Iranian Studies most prominently Ancient Iranian religion, history, and culture This is one of the definitive books devoted to Zoroastrianism along with Mary Boyce s Zoroastrians Their Religious Beliefs and Practices Despite its title, this book is much than just a introduction The book contains information not just on Zoroastrian practices and beliefs but also maps, a glossary, picture and illustrations, and a comprehensive history of Zoroastrianism in the myriad regions it thrived at a chapter devoted to Zoroastrianism in Central Asia, that is rare There is very few resources for the study of Zoroastrianism so this is a very invaluable book that successfully attempted to fill that void.
Now a constructive caution, this is NOT a book meant for a general audience This is a academic book published by a academi Prof Jenny Rose in her book does an overall exceptional job of detailing the long and complex history of one of the world s richest yet arguably most obscure belief systems In essence, she manages to not only touch upon, but also definitively explore its many varied facets, over three hundred pages and nine chapters, each one dedicated to a specific aspect of the ancient faith She starts off by going into its background, its rise to prominence in ancient Persia at the peak of its glory, then details its subsequent decline after the Arab conquest, and its diaspora communities found in India and North America today, complete with additional maps and dozens of photos.
Strongly recommended for anyone interested in learning about the Zoroastrian religion and its practices, no matter how little or how much you may already know about the topic Good Zoroastrianism Is One Of The World S Great Ancient Religions In Present Day Iran, Significant Communities Of Zoroastrians Who Take Their Name From The Founder Of The Faith, The Remarkable Religious Reformer Zoroaster Still Practise The Rituals And Teach The Moral Precepts That Once Undergirded The Officially State Sanctioned Faith Of The Mighty Sasanian Empire Beyond Iran, The Zoroastrian Disapora Is Significant Especially In India, Where The Gujarati Speaking Community Of Emigrants From Post Sasanian Iran Call Themselves Parsis But There Are Also Significant Zoroastrian Communities To Be Found Elsewhere, Such As In The USA, Britain And Canada, Where Western Cultural Contexts Have Shaped The Religion In Intriguing Ways And Directions This New, Thorough And Wide Ranging Introduction Will Appeal To Anyone Interested In Discovering About The Faith That Bequeathed The Contrasting Words Magi And Magic , And Whose Adherents Still Live According To The Code Of Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds The Central Zoroastrian Concept That Human Beings Are Continually Faced With A Choice Between The Path Of Good And Evil , Represented By The Contrasting Figures Of Ahura Mazda And Ahriman, Inspired Thinkers As Diverse As Voltaire, Mozart And Nietzsche Jenny Rose Shows Why Zoroastrianism Remains One Of The World S Most Inspiring And Perennially Fascinating Systems Of Ethics And Belief.

Jenny Rose

ã Zoroastrianism: An Introduction ë Download by Ä Jenny Rose Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Zoroastrianism: An Introduction book, this is one of the most wanted Jenny Rose author readers around the world.