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ë Read Ê Adults Guide To Better Swimming by Katie Smith õ Have You Ever Started Out With The Intention Of Swimming Laps To Get Fit But Given Up When It Turns Out To Be Much Harder Than You First Thought If You Have Then Adults Guide To Better Swimming Is Just For You This Simple Manual Will Guide You Through The Basics Of Swimming Breath Control, Body Position And Breathing Efficiently Before Moving Onto Technique And FitnessDesigned For The Novice Recreational Swimmer, Adults Guide To Better Swimming Will Have You Meeting Your Fitness Goals Before You Know It

This is not a long book, but it contains a lot of helpful information arranged in a simple and easy to read format Designed for adults with some swimming experience it is not highly technical, but instead focuses on the basics of improving your swimming skills It covers such things as learning to control your breathing which is the biggest difficultly adult swimmers face , getting your body position correct and learning to kick properly You will need to take the information and do the work yourself, obviously, but you certainly come to understand what you may be doing wrong and how you can go about fixing it.
The author is a swimming teacher and you can feel the passion she has for helping people do their best at the sport She meets you where you are and gives you the confidence you can improve and meet your personal fitness goals.
Good read and solid adviceOk, so I am not an Olympic swimmer, but I picked up this book to start getting some ideas before jumping into the pool Lo and behold, the style is no nonsense, and the advice is great The author even throws in workouts, which is a good bonus I would recommend this book for those folks wanting to brush up on basics as they dive into a new year s fitness resolution.

Katie Smith

ë Read Ê Adults Guide To Better Swimming by Katie Smith õ izmirescort.pro Katie Smith lives on the Gold Coast, Australia She is a swimming teacher who is passionate about helping people improve their swimming skills.