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[Laura Kreitzer] » Fallen Legion (Timeless, #4) [paganism PDF] Read Online á So i didnt actually read the whole book because my library and the surrounding libraries never put it in stock, if only i had the money to buy it.
Fallen Legion is the 4th book in the Timeless series I am not a big fan of reading books out of order But I already read Phantom Universe The Summer Chronicles by Laura Kreitzer, which I really enjoyed, so I thought I d take a gamble And I did not regret this Eventhough there is enough I missed since I didn t read the first 3 books, I was able to pick up on the story real fast Fallen Legion is a fast paced story, with interesting characters who I can t wait to get to know better Laura s writing makes sure you get pulled into the story and will not let you go untill the last page She makes sure you get immersed into this world of Angels, Gods and Emperyean Guards After reading Fallen Legion I will definitely read the rest of the Timeless series, starting with Shadow of the Sun.
The Full Force Of The Empyrean Guard Leaves Gabriella Trembling Where She Stands Even With The Fallen At Her Back, She Lacks The Proper Training And Knowledge To Win The Inevitable Angelic War In The Timeless Oblivion, Gabriella Seeks The Advice Of The One Person Who S Never Failed Her And Comes Back With Than She Bargained For Gabriella Must Do The Unthinkable Break The Most Important Law The Celestial Gods Decreed Thousands Of Years Ago To Protect The Angels Now That She S Crossed The Line, Will She Find A Way To Save The Angels Or Has She Doomed Them All Loved this installment The Illuminator had thrown at her and once again she has overcome but not without a few surprises Definitely worth the read and I can t wait to see how she and her angels handle the Gods.
I couldn t put this book down Miss Kreitzer has a wonderful ability to immerse you in her world of Angels, Gods, Emperyean Guards and so much I literally felt like I was part of the action So sad to come to the end Book 4 has got to be my favorite of the series so far Gabriella and her angels are faced with the unexpectedcities surrounded by Emperyean Guards, murders among the angels and visions that begin to confuse her and leave her with questions to be answered As The Illuminator, it is her job to lead the Angels on a quest to save humankind and those she loves Awesome book It was a bit underwhelming A maybe spoiler coming after this point.
Anyone else disappointed that Zola s vision of Andrew bedding another didn t come to pass I was waiting for it but it was such a let down with the whole misunderstanding and the ur back again from the dead but u may not be u crap It got old the 3rd resurrection round Sigh Her hissy fit lasted too long since she was already aware she could never leave him Too much filler in this book The whole bridezillla Jen and the mundane and pointless pages about bachelorette party was irksome I guess I feel let down with this one.
I have enjoyed this series, but I keep having to stop and mentally chastise everyone for stupidity or just na vet Seems to be very common in books today, probably because it makes it easier to create situations, but it still bugs me I really enjoy the whole dynamic of the characters, and can t wait to read the next book

Excellent read Laura Kreitzer is a master of weaving a tale full of suspense along with twists and turns yet interspersed with just the right amount of love, comedy and victory for the underdog I would highly recommend this series This book was provided by the publisher in return for a review of the blog tour It was absolutely fantastic There s so much going on War with the Empyrean Guards, Soul stalker is stalking gabriella again D, there s someone killing angels, some really serious issues between andrew and gabby I must confess my heart ached for andrew even he was the jerk with improper acts against gabriella D He s my puppy dog eyed sexy sweet angel , Vesuvius going to erupt And there is joseph and jenna s wedding Man their vows was so sweet and funny I read it with a huge grin on my face bachelorette party was epic hhahaha, lots of penis items lol D And there s one thing I can read over and over again yeah baby , that steamy,sexy,passionate love scenes You did it great laura War against the Empyrean Guards scattered throughout the book.
At the end ,the result was satisfying.
I r Laura, Laura, Laura You slay me The Timeless series was already among my favorite series, but Fallen Legion succeeded in increasing my great love for this series Gabriella and Andrew are one of my favorite couples in fiction Their love for each other is so strong, the reader can practically feel it through the pages When things aren t right in their world, the angst nearly kills me I think my heart was alternately pounding and breaking at the same time for a good 150 pages I loved the book, I adore the series Nuff said.

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