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Download Epub Format Ð Flesh House PDF by ó Stuart MacBride I read about 20% of Flesh House and chose not to invest any time in a book that I found uninteresting The portion that I read focussed on McRae s corpulent, obnoxious, abusive boss, DI Insch There were so many references to Insch s size as well as the size and appearance of his head that, frankly or Georgely, if you prefer , that the story, if indeed there was one buried in all that crap, faded into nothingness The only break in Insch s abusiveness was when McRae was similarly abused by his ex girlfriend, the current pathologist This treatment simply added to my frustration.
It was also enormously frustrating to see McRae s unwillingness to stand up to Insch or his ex He could and should have done so effectively and politely His acquiescence made him seem very weak willed and cowardly I loved the first Logan McRae novel but the quality of the books has steadily eroded, to me, This is the fourth Logan McRae thriller and is definitely not for the faint hearted Twenty years ago, a serial killer, named The Flesher, was arrested Now, he s on the loose and McRae, and his colleagues, are determined to track him down D.
I Inch was involved in that original case and, having been told he needs to go on a diet, he is most definitely not in a good mood Adding to his annoyance is the fact that a BBC film crew are following the case, while making a documentary.
This is a violent novel, which often makes for uncomfortable reading We have the eating of human flesh, people imprisoned, gory killings, torture scenes and lots of death MacBride does not flinch was killing familiar characters, or tack Those Who Like Their Crime Thrillers Diamond Hard But Shot Through With Macabre Humour Need Look No Further Than Stuart MacBride As Flesh House , His Latest, Once Again Proves, He Has Few Equals In This Area, And Is Than Worthy Of The Ever Growing Legion Of Admirers He Is Gleaning His Tough Protagonist, Logan McRae, Is Once Again Negotiating The Mean Streets Of Aberdeen, With Violence And Threat Forever At His Elbow Those Who Have read Cold Granite , Dying Light And Broken Skin Will Know What To Expect Here And They Ll Be Aware That They Re Not In For A Comfortable RideThe City Is In A State Of Fear Some Years Ago, The Grampian Police Nailed A Particularly Vicious Serial Killer Known As The Flesher, A Monster Who Had Claimed Victims Throughout The Country But One Of Those Frequent Legal Appeals Which So Often Release Dangerous Criminals Into The Community Has Freed Him, And When A Container With Human Body Parts Appears At Aberdeen Harbour, It Looks Like The Stage Is Once Again Set For Carnage On A Massive Scale DS Logan McRae Along With His Less Experienced Colleague, Chief Constable Mark Faulds From Birmingham Who Was On The original Team Tracking Down The Flesher , Finds Himself In Charge Of One Of The Most Ambitious Manhunts City Has Ever Seen And Then Members Of The original Team Tracking Down Their Serial Killer Prey Whose Real Name Is Ken Wiseman Begin To Disappear And Human Meat Is Making Grisly Appearances All Of This Is Delivered With The Requisite Grasp Of Tension And Characterisation That We Have Come To Expect From Stuart MacBride There Are Those Who Will Feel He Has Gone Too Far In Flesh House In Confronting The Less Savoury Aspects Of Human Behaviour, But Fans Of Uncompromising Crime Writing Will Be In Their Element Barry Forshaw The fourth Logan McRae novel, and Stuart MacBride is slowly working himself higher up my list of favourite authors.
Since picking up the first Logan McRae novel, Cold Granite, I knew I was onto something good with Stuart MacBride I love crime thrillers, adore police procedurals, and he was offering me all that I wanted and then some He offers great mystery He keeps you guessing throughout There are plot twists There are great characters The humour is dark The story is grizzly He has it all, and to make it all better I actually know the locations in the stories The final point, knowing the locations, doesn t really influence my love of the stories I would love them even if I was oblivious to Aberdeen but it does make it that little bit easier to enjoy.
With Flesh House, Stuart MacBride gave us another great story Book three, Broken Skin, was my favourite of the first three boo Flesh House sees our hapless hero, DS Logan McRae, wading through the relentless and monstrous after effects of the murderous Flesher of Margaret Thatcher face mask and striped butcher apron fame Logan reminds me of Eeyore A A Milne He s basically depressed after his break up with DC Jackie Watcher and burnt out by a massive workload pressed upon him by the oblivious DI Insch and DI Steele A morass of blood, gore and guts seeps through every page making it impossible not to be impacted by the overarching gruesomeness We are spared nothing, right up to the last supper, er, page.
Stuart MacBride s dialogue ensnares and his descriptions have you trudging the grim streets of Aberdeen with Logan sensing the increasing desperation and longing Hold on to your stomach and avoid eating while reading as this one takes some truly gory turns Protagonist DS Logan McRae returns in the 4th instalment of the series Macbride s dry, witty humour is as strong as ever however there is only one major crime in this novel McRae s dogged determination and indomitable perseverance permeates the entire plot, which I found fast paced and all engrossing Nothing like an excellent Scottish detective series even though slightly different to the first three to keep the mind guessing to the very end This was book 4 in the Logan McRae series, and possibly not one for the squeamish 20 years ago there was a spate of gruesome killings in Aberdeen One man was arrested and imprisoned, now his appeals have been upheld and he has been released The killings have started again, and Logan finds himself as part of the large task force engaged in capturing the Flesher Had the right man been imprisoned originally, did he have an accomplice, or were they barking up the wrong tree the entire time Then some of the original investigating team go missing, and then turning up dead This book has twists and turns than you can shake a big stick at A read that is guaranteed to keep you turning the pages,The only thing I didn t like were

I m really getting into these now A serial killer from the past had just been released due to an appeal Human bodies have just washed up in a shipping container The past catches up to the group in Aberdeen in this episode Gruesome fast paced and very funny Im enjoying the characterisation as we now slowly learn about each one The growth of Logan is also really good, as he s now standing up for himself aand not holding back Some scenes were a little horrific but thats what youd expect from MacBride.
DI Steel yawned, stretched, then said, What s green and smells of pork Logan didn t look up from the copy of yesterday s Evening Expresshe d found on the back seat No idea She grinned at him Kermit s willy Pause for laughter Nothing Miserable sodsLogan and crew are back in Flesh House, the fourth installment of the Logan McRae series This one was a lot darker and gorier than previous books seriously, don t eat while reading this , but it also contained a nice dose of humor, suspense, and moments that actually made me teary eyed The crime solving was also great, with the case keeping me guessing right until the end This installment was a little different than previous books in that Logan was entirely focused on solving solely one case Another differe If you like your police procedurals dark and gory, you most likely will love Stuart McBride sFlesh HouseThe fourth installment of McBride s Logan McRae series is about as grisly as they come Twenty years prior, Aberdeen, Scotland was plagued by a serial killer known as the Flesher, whose victims were found brutally slain Some were never found at all Ken Wiseman was arrested and convicted Now, however, Wiseman is free, and the slayings have begun anew.
Detective Sergeant McRae becomes involved after human body parts are found in a container, and before long, mystery meat in the butcher shops and stores has a whole new meaning The killer appears to be picking up speed, as the number of missing persons seems to be growing From time to time, we get an up close and personal look at one victim, who, for some reason, is only being held captive rather than being butchered.
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Download Epub Format Ð Flesh House PDF by ó Stuart MacBride Aka Stuart B MacBride The life and times of a bearded write ist.Stuart MacBride that s me was born in Dumbarton which is Glasgow as far as I m concerned moving up to Aberdeen at the tender age of two, when fashions were questionable Nothing much happened for years and years and years learned to play the recorder, then forgot how when they changed from little coloured dots to proper musi