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Ú The Prophecy of the Sisters Book Two: Guardian of the Gate é Download by ✓ Michelle Zink Review missing here as well, I remember that this book was a big disappointment after the first one I didn t like the whole change in rhythm, characters, society, and the relationship between Alice and Lia.
This book started out ok although it wasn t great but then it really started to go downhill fast I was expecting so much from this book after reading the first one in the series but overall I found myself very disappointed.
The big reason I didn t like this book so much was due to the new love interest, Dimitri Markov, who was introduced Very quickly, an unnecessary and forced romance developed I was so angry at Lia for not staying loyal to James He was everything that Lia had wanted and she threw it all away for this pretty boy I also didn t know what Lia saw in Dimitri other than his good looks, his charm, and the fact that she felt that she had somehow known him her entire life Ugh can someone please gag me now I may not have minded this romance so much if The Ultimate Battle Between Sisters Is Nearing, And Its Outcome Could Have Catastrophic Consequences As Sixteen Year Old Lia Milthorpe Searches For A Way To End The Prophecy, Her Twin Sister Alice Hones The Skills She Ll Need To Defeat Lia Alice Will Stop At Nothing To Reclaim Her Sister S Role In The Prophecy, And That S Not The Only Thing She Wants There S Also Lia S Boyfriend JamesLia And Alice Always Knew The Prophecy Would Turn Those Closest To Them Against Them But They Didn T Know What Betrayal Could Lead Them To Do In The End, Only One Sister Will Be Left Standing Slams the book close OMG I m having mixed emotions right now, I just really wanted to finish this book So i just went through a few pages Couldn t help it Omg I don t know where to start, I mean I think I would totally got a better understanding if I read the first book but since I didn t have it I Thought this would do But nope nuuh This book I m sorry to say but was quite boring, I ve been stretching the time of reading it for almost a month Dude thats the longest ive left a book I think There was way too much talking And it was that in every page And let s not even talk HOW COULD SHE LEAVE JAMES LIKE THAT Like Dude ur w Dmitri now but then u hear ur sis is cozying up w James u be like that Dude u left him And the ending OMG I dont even wanna find out any I suffered through this book but still the ending isnt there I m What a disappointment I really like the idea of this series and I love the characters The first book was pretty good, actually It was slow, but the beautiful atmosphere and mystery kept me reading But this book was so boring.
Everyone was talking about doing something, rather than doing it The characters did nothing than talking, walking, riding horses, talking and walking Which is sad because this series is filled with beautiful unique ideas, and a gothic atmosphere that I love The ideas in this book were even better than the ideas of the first The characters were well developed and the love story was interesting But the plot was lacking The last few pages were really good, though I hope that the third book will be better.
Lia knows it s essential to find the missing pages of the prophecy her and her twin sister are woven into With Alice still aligning herself with the darkness, Lia is working towards ending the prophecy and closing the gateway to hell on earth before the need consumes her With two human key s missing and pages of important text missing, Lia goes on a quest that takes her to the mystical city of Altus, home to her magical bloodline, of the Sisters who know her cause, and the protective, yet authoritative Brothers of the Grigori Note Slight spoilers on future romantic entanglements YOU VE BEEN WARNED Sequel to the fantastic Prophecy of the Sisters , Guardian of the Gate does not disappoint I devoured this book It s been a while since I read Prophecy , so I was a bit worried about jumping into this Thankfully, the transition between Prophe I would give Guardian of the Gate 2.
5 stars.
I have mixed feelings about this book While I didn t altogether dislike it, I was disappointed in the direction this one took One thing I enjoyed about The Prophecy of the Sisters was that it was set in the 19th century In this book, we pretty much leave that behind Most of the book is spent traveling through a forest and then on an Island in an in between reality called Altus It s so far removed from the surroundings and feeling of the first book that I had a hard time liking this part of the book I dislike the fact that Alice and James were hardly in the book at all I feel like we are told that Alice is sinister a little too much, instead of being shown that she is This was a complaint I had about the first book as well And what about James, did Lia ever really love him Could he not have g This book was so good I am emotionally exhausted after reading it I truly think this whole series has the best thought out and written plot of all the series that I ve read The storytelling is beautiful and so realistic my stomach was clenching from nerves the entire time Some of the situations that Lia was in were so hopeless I didn t think she would make it.
The book has a lot romance than the previous one Always a big plus While I found myself wanting to shout at James in book one to kiss Lia like he means it society rules be damned, I m happy that Dimitri didn t need any such encouragement He just went for what he wanted, including Lia That boy is a serious eye candy And when I read the words he said to Lia when he came to her rescue at the river I went awwwww He is so sweet, but also capable of kicking ass when needed I loved the time Dimitri and Lia spent on

I m going to get the negative out of the way first, and I think I am one of the only people who feel this way and I offer humble apologies to Michelle in advance The Negative I hate this cover I hate the new covers I loved the original cover for Prophecy of the Sisters and I thought it added so much to the feel of the story itself and had I not already known how much I loved the first book I NEVER would have picked up the books AT ALL had they the covers they have now I might even go so far as to say I loathe these new covers And I don t mean to hurt feelings, I just don t think they fit the story being told one bit My one saving grace is that I was lucky enough to get an ARC at the Teen Author Carnival in NYC where I got to meet Michelle in person finally and the cover isn t anything like this It s just black with viney swirls on it and much appealing to me.
S Guardian of the Gate is the following up to Michelle Zink s Prophecy of the Sisters In this installment, we follow Lia as she searches for the missing pages to help her end the prophecy She travels with her two companions and keys, Sonia Luisa to Altus, a safe haven for the Sisters to meet her Aunt Abigail She discovers much about herself, love, betrayal.
Guardian of the Gate moves us closer to a final showdown between Lia Alice I can t wait to see what comes next edited bc I caught a misspelling today

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