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Trailer à Hit List PDF by Ð Laurell K. Hamilton Okay, the good one sex scene One And it was tiddy tiny and quick True, the good feeling was ruined by Anita actually using the phrase dangling bits somewhere in the book, but you can t have everything.
Editing Again, just appalling amount of repetition on the page Again, slow, slow, slow, nothing happening as the pages unread diminish and you think, hang on, is it a two parter Then suddenly, wham bam, they re kidnapped by the baddies with like three chapters to go and bam, it s over and there s one of those cheating epilogues where we re told in a single line what happened to everyone as if she s run out of steam and can t write.
That was the big, huge bad of God kn Now there s the Anita Blake I ve been looking for This book was great and I loved every moment.
This book felt like the earlier books in terms of trying to solve murder cases and focusing on the storyline instead of Anita s romancing troubles There s alot of Edward in this one and we got to see another side of him in little glimpses The action scenes were great aswell Full of blood and screamingahhh music to my ears We do meet a new addition in this book called Ethan He was quiet and didn t say a whole lot but he reminds of a mix between Micah and Nathaniel, I hope to hear about him in the future.
Hmmm what else.
oh mustn t forget the creepy psychopath Olaf God he gives me the creeps, he still wants to date Anita and even mentions he would be willing to try vanilla sex with her Lol He still hasn t made a move towards her yet so Edward won t kill him, but something at the end of A Serial Killer Is Hunting The Pacific Northwest, Murdering Victims In A Gruesome And Spectacular Way The Local Police Suspect Monsters Are Involved, And Have Called In Anita Blake And Edward, US Marshals Who Really Know Their Monsters, To Catch The Killer Rating 3.
0 Genre Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance Erotica Review Hit List is the twentieth installment in the Anita Blake series and it nearly made me rethink my desire to abandon this series Why Because it actually felt like Hamilton was trying to return to the old Anita Blake that I knew and enjoyed for the first eight to ten books before it turned into Erotica Incorporated With other enjoyable series out there, something had to be done to change the course of this series Did it change my mind Stay tuned.
US Marshal s Blake and Edward aka Ted Forrester team up to take on the Harlequin and the final battle between Blake and the Mother of all Darkness MOAD isn t exactly alone however She has the half of the Harlequin working with her Her goal is to take over Anita s body and thus have control over all the vampires and shape shifters W Warning rant about the Anita Blake series in general about to commence.
I m a long time fan of Laurell K Hamilton I started reading when she only had three books out, and despite my current frustration with her writing I have faithfully continued to read the entire series.
I don t mind reading about sex, even graphic depictions of sex I do mind when an author starts turning a strong, interesting female character into a two dimensional woman with a magical vagina who everyone loves and desires The character Micah is a joke and has no real personality and the action sequences when she has them are sloppily written.
All that being said, Hit List was pretty good I like the character Edward and always enjoy books with him Anita Blake only had sex with one new man I think my biggest complaint about this book and the progression of thes Oh, Laurell What happened to turn this series from interesting mystery featuring fascinating lesser known creatures of a variety of mythological and folk traditions into involuntary cautionary style book on how NOT to write featuring mostly Rainbow Weretigers Just for fun, let s point out some of your egregious crimes against the coherently written word1 When even your own characters feel the need to comment self consciously on the fact that the only name you can come up with for your mysterious super villains is the ones who can t be named, a la Harry Potter, maybe it s time to actually sit down with a thesaurus and try to think of something else to call said super villains 2 It defies all credibility that Anita s cohorts in the Marshal service would be impressed by things like Anita reciting facts about serial Well, after reading Bullet this was way better Still it s not where the series started Anita may not spend the whole book between naked bodies However, she spends most of the book TALKING And I just realised that I have no idea who most of the characters are and I need to google them pretty often view spoiler Olaf and weretiger Why not I just wish there was the epic fight Not just Hey, Olaf is a weretiger and he runs away hide spoiler

Simple review If you read all the books up to this one, let s be honest you are going to read this one too It s an average story at best and fails to build to anything that the conclusion deserves.
Complex review I took up reading the series as I loved the initial concept of necromancy Crime fantasy, sounded great and a lot of the initial books had a solid plot line with some good action scenes and a decent world to be based in While the whole area of vamps weres differing flavours of horror is nothing new, I enjoyed the stories I didn t even mind too much when it turned into a hard romance series as the plots cases Anita was working on still held some adventure.
However this latest book has no real plot case Anita knows who, what and why the baddies are doing the killings Ive been on this train wreck for so long I might as well ride it out.
I can t do it I can t do another straight up review of an Anita Blake novel it s too depressing I need alcohol to get through this, the 20th instalment of a once great series.
Let the alcohol poisoning begin The Anita Blake Hit List Drinking Game Drink When you read this common phrase description Someone s hair is spilled around their shoulders 1 drink Someone s hair isn t just black, it s blue black 1 drink Somebody asks the conveniently open ended question what do you mean thereby prompting Anita to spout a long diatribe, explaining everything that s happening and happened in the plot up to this point, including everyone s private motivations 1 drink Anita says naked puppy piles OR naked kitty piles 2 drinks Anita says that someone has kitty cat eyes 1 drink Anita describes Jean Claude as being femininely beautiful, yet still utterly masculine and male 1 drink D

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Trailer à Hit List PDF by Ð Laurell K. Hamilton Laurell K Hamilton is one of the leading writers of paranormal fiction A 1 New York Times bestselling author, Hamilton writes the popular Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels and the Meredith Gentry series She is also the creator of a bestselling comic book series based on her Anita Blake novels and published by Marvel Comics Hamilton is a full time writer and lives in the suburbs of St Louis