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☆ Intrinsical ✓ Download by Ð Lani Woodland Sixteen Year Old Yara Silva Has Always Known That Ghosts Walk Alongside The Living Her Grandma, Like The Other Females In Her Family, Is A Waker, Someone Who Can See And Communicate With Ghosts Yara Grew Up Watching Her Grandmother Taunted And Scorned For This Unusual Ability And Doesn T Want That To Be Her Future She Has Been Dreading The Day When She Too Would See Ghosts, And Is Relieved That The Usually Dominant Waker Gene Seems To Have Skipped Her, Letting Her Live A Normal Teenage Life However, All That Changes For Yara On Her First Day At Her Elite Boarding School When She Discovers The Gene Was Only Lying Dormant She Witnesses A Dark Mist Attack Brent, A Handsome Fellow Student, And Rushes To His Rescue Her Act Of Heroism Draws The Mist S Attention, And The Dark Spirit Begins Stalking Her Yara Finds Herself Entrenched In A Sixty Year Old Curse That Haunts The School, Threatening Not Only Her Life, But The Lives Of Her Closest Friends As Well Yara Soon Realizes That The Past She Was Trying To Put Behind Her Isn T Going To Go Quietly 4.
5 starsI didn t know what to expect from Intrinsical I just knew I wanted to read it and hoped that I would like it While the beginning didn t grab me right away, I clearly remember the moment I became completely hooked It was during the last two thirds of the novel It was filled with many surprises, and it was exactly what I was hoping for and , exceeding any expectations I had If I had to describe Intrinsical in one word it would definitely be impressive.
I admit Yara, the main character, had to grow on me just a bit She had a temper, which isn t necessarily a bad thing, but combined that with the fact that she would keep secrets about her abilities.
well, it did get a bit frustrating at times And then she would sometimes go into dangerous situations without thinking things through But you know what So My ex boyfriend used to have a bike he was madly in love with I swear to god, that bike was like his first born child The thing is, it had this one, teeny tiny problem Starting trouble Unfortunately, starting trouble is a big issue for me I m not like a lot of Goodreaders out there for whom finishing a book is almost a point of honour If a story can t hold my interest from the word go, chances are, I will dump it unless I m hating it so much that the pleasure of writing a scathing review motivates me to finish it Petty, I know, but we are what we are So the only reason I pushed through the first fifty odd pages of Intrinsical was because disclosure time I ve been interacting with Lani Woodland, and I really like her and I wanted to like her book I swore to myself that I would be honest in my review, regard

Rating Clarification 4.
5 Stars closer to 5 Book quote I had the feeling that the past I was trying to put behind me wasn t going to go quietly.
books such as Instrinsical reinforce my love for paranormal stories because they strike a delicate balance between creeping me out and creating a suspended reality that I can easily come to believe I definitely enjoyed this ghost story by Lani Woodland and the entire cast of characters she created were amazing The writing was beautiful and the flow was flawless, especially the last two thirds of the book where I was so glued to the pages, I found myself reluctantly stumbling upon the final scenes.
About the book Yara Silva has grown up believing that ghosts walk among us because her grandmother is an Acordera or Waker someone who could communicate with ghosts Yara has lived her entire life hoping that this ability would pass This book burts forth like a bull from a gate Lani doesn t hold back on getting the story moving right away Yara s journey of acceptance is masterfully laid out over the course of the novel with plenty of twists and turns along the way The sensory details are amazing, and the way she incorporates the orange groves into the story is thrilling for anyone familiar with Corona to read, since it s such a part of the local history It s refreshing to read a book with a female lead who starts out strong and keeps getting stronger I also appreciate that the book is free from swearing Overall, it s a book I would read again and again, because there s so much in it to enjoy.

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☆ Intrinsical ✓ Download by Ð Lani Woodland I became an avid reader in elementary school, when I first discovered the Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins series In sixth grade, I began writing plays and recruiting with force when necessary my friends to act them out Most of these early works were inspired by She Ra, the epitome of girl power to my young self.I have a hard time enjoying any book without at least a little romance in