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Download Epub Format ↠´ My Secret Life PDF by ✓ Anonymous A Rare Look At The Hidden Side Of Victorian Life From His Precocious Childhood To The End Of What He Calls His Amatory Career, An Adventurous Victorian Known Only As Walter Records A Breathtaking Carnal Epic Through Hundreds Of Sexual Encounters With One Or Nursemaids, Prostitutes, Cousins, Actresses, Workingmen, And Other Men S Wives In Ruling Everything Sexual Within The Realm Of Possibility, Walter Reveals Varied Delightswhims And Fancies Normal And Abnormal, Sexual Violence, Fetishes And Sometimes, Surprisingly, Love From His Many Escapades, He Learns An Invaluable Lesson One Can Never Know Too Much Concerning Human Nature Portraying An Era Of Notorious Repression, In Which The Appearance Of Propriety Had To Be Strictly Maintained, My Secret Life Provides A Rare Look At The Hidden Side Of Victorian Life The Upstairs And Downstairs Encounters Where Nothing Is Proper Or Forbidden First Published In London Around , This Landmark Work Freshly Illuminates The Complex Sexual Dynamics Of A Society Strictly Divided Between Rich And Poor, Male And Female, Sexual And Chaste In James Kincaid S Abridgment, Walter And His World Come To Vivid Life In New And Often Surprising Ways Edited And With An Introduction By James Kincaid And With An Afterword By Paul Sawyer This is one of the bawdiest books I ve ever read, and if anyone ever tries to tell you the Victorians were uptight about sex, point them at this volume It offers an unparalleled glimpse into Victorian sexuality, from everything to social attitudes toward the female body generally and unsurprisingly, they re there for male consumption , sexual awakening and exploration not always consensual , relationships between the monied class and their domestics, prostitution by choice and by chance , birth control and abortion, and underwear and toilet habits.
Being a diary, it can be tedious in places where the author recounts multiple events in extreme, sometimes monotonous detail But the author is also self deprecating and achingly human throughout much of the volume It s fascinating to read about something discussed so little during the actual period, and in the author s own words.
Sort of hard to form an opinion of this book On one hand it it is at first disturbing because the writer begins with recollections of being abused as a child and then moves on to his harassing, exploiting, raping, purchasing and seducing women At times he seems almost delusional in his belief that every woman wants it so i suspect that some of what he believes are seductions are really not as consenting as he thinks On the other hand, here is a rare insight into the sexual psychology of the Victorian man and also some of unsavory particulars of the time Bathroom habits and lack of undergarments for one thing, access to abortions for another I wrote a paper on gender and sexual anxieties as portrayed in Victorian fiction, and that was how i heard about this book, and I wish I would have had this for that paper It s fascinating to watch the narrator as he c Boy, is this really happening in the Victorian era I remember so well reading Sense and Sensibility and waiting for the bloody kiss to happenbut noooo, you can t have that in a Victorian novel while the reality was actually so bloody obscene D So this novel was interesting first for putting into light the underground sexual life of women and men in the very puritan Victorian era and second, as a step in the erotica evolution from Life of an Amorous Man where explicit descriptions were close to zero to Anais Nin s beautiful sensual images, or if you want, to the amazing sexual fantasy of Pauline R age I admired very much the author philosophy which should be applied even by some modern persons , therefore i ll use it to conclude Many who have not experienced our pleasures, consider them bestial But the v I could write oodles on this book All I can say here is that it s worth a read even though Walter s exploits can be repetitive Then, blammo, he tries something new to satisfy his curiosity Foucauldian will to knowledge To think that this was abridged from 11 journals worth of materials P.
S Let s bring back the term gamahuching.
I can t really rate this book as an enjoyable read but My Secret Life is invaluable for anyone interested in Victoriana The voluminous work details the exploits of a bounder who rarely looks for sexual partners from his own social class but instead rapes and pillages the vaginas and other orifaces of poor girls, maids, sailors and street prostitues with joyous abandon My Secret Life is 19th Century social history than erotica Emotions are rarely involved, the sex often brutal, the author s contempt for those from the lower classes and women as a whole at all times palpable.
Victorian fun from behind closed doors The anonymous author doesn t flinch in details that would equal a good issue of Hustler and proves that sex doesn t change, only the clothes people undress Whether fact, fiction, or both, as history and erotica this book is essential and once read will stay with you for life.
I found this raunchy little number at a bookstore in Paris Quartier Latin If I remember correctly, it chronicles the many and various sexual exploits of a Victorian bachelor as he makes the rounds at all the posh resorts in Europe It s graphic to the point of technical, and quickly gets tedious, although one quickie encounter with a sailor and a prostitute in a muddy alley stands out as particularly funny and original I didn t finish the book, but sold it in Prague because it made me feel dirty.
You will read few books as bizarre as this one It s the multi volume memoir of an anonymous Victorian gentleman, recounting his prodigious sexual exploits with a bewildering variety of partners ranging from whores to little girls to young men to aristocratic ladies and the weird thing is, it s way too weird to be firmly shelved on the Victorian Porn shelf, a la The Pearl It s too compulsive, too fixated on inconsequential detail to be serving the principally utilitarian interests of the genre It s also too self involved to be truly pornographic there s humor here, but it s minimal The book was originally printed by a private European publisher, and the printing was extremely small a handful of copies and somehow one of them ended up, about thirty years ago, in the hands of Grove Press Theories abound as to the identity of the author, but it s the anonymity of the One of the most bizarre books of erotica ever written, it seems to be less an account of any actual events than a stream of consciousness of episodic fantasies perhaps the man sat down at his table every night and wrote himself a little something to wank to It s not good, in the traditional sense, but it is extremely revealing of Victorian erotica, psychology, class structure, and much an interesting snapshot of what was taboo in those days, and the apparently unparalleled normalcy of the occasional bout of gonorrhea.


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