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Ä My Nine Lives º Download by ✓ Leon Fleisher My Nine Lives is an autobiography written by the renowned pianist, teacher, and conductor, Leon Fleisher, and it details the various careers within music that he pursued as a consequence of injuring his right hand I loved this book for many of the same reasons that I enjoyed Lang Lang s autobiography ranked after this book , the primary reason being that I love being able to connect with a member of the classical music world and relate to his or her struggles with being a musician, pursuing a career, and realizing satisfaction Due to the similar nature of this autobiography and that of Lang Lang although their individual stories are vastly different , it is important to note why I ranked this book ahead of the latter Leon Fleisher expertly included masterclass chapters on pieces of music that were re Leon Fleisher gives us perhaps two lives or so too many I adored the first two hundred pages of this autobiography, which were filled with Fleisher s reminiscences of San Francisco s brilliant Jewish musical scene, which produced Yehudi Menuhin, Isaac Stern, and, of course, Fleisher, of his legendary teacher, Artur Schnabel, who invited the 9 year old Fleisher to Lago di Como for summer instruction, his driven mother s successful quest to advance the career of her bubbeleh, his remarkable relationship with George Szell and the Cleveland Orchestra over the Brahms Piano Concerto No 2 B flat major, Op 83, their recording of which remains a thrilling document of both soloist and orchestral greatness , and of so much that was formative in the life of the young piano prodigy who became the formidable concert pianist.
Then, at age 36, Fleisher experienced a catastroph The Stirring Memoir Of One Of The Greatest Pianists Of The Postwar Era An Inspiring Tale Of Triumph Over Crippling Incapacity That Rivals Shine The Pianist Leon Fleisher Whose Student Teacher Lineage Linked Him To Beethoven By Way Of His Instructor, Artur Schnabel Displayed An Exceptional Gift From His Earliest Years And Then, Like The Hero Of A Greek Tragedy, He Was Struck Down In His Prime At Thirty Six Years Old, He Suddenly And Mysteri Ously Became Unable To Use Two Fingers Of His Right Hand It Is Not Just Fleisher S Thirty Year Search For A Cure That Drives This Remarkable Memoir With His Coauthor, Celebrated Music Critic Anne Midgette, The Pianist Explores The Depression That Engulfed Him As His Condition Worsened And, Perhaps Most Powerfully Of All, The Sheer Love Of Music That Rescued Him From Complete Self Destruction Miraculously, At The Age Of Sixty Six, Fleisher Was Diagnosed With Focal Dystonia, And Cured By Experimental Botox Injections In , He Returned To Carnegie Hall To Give His First Two Handed Recital In Over Three Decades, Bringing Down The House Sad, Reflective, But Ultimately Triumphant, My Nine Lives Com Bines The Glamour, Pathos, And Courage Of Fleisher S Life With Real Musical And Intellectual Substance Fleisher Embodies The Resilience Of The Human Spirit, And His Memoir Proves That True Passion Always Finds A Way When I received this book, I thought Ugh, not another boring autobiography but I am both ashamed and relieved to admit that I was wrong This book is wonderfully written It captured my attention and I couldn t put it down The picturesque writing made me feel as though I was living this life myself I also loved the pictures in the book I am a very visual person, and it was awesome to view glimpses of the authors life.
For me, Leon Fleisher has always been just another name from the vast ocean that is the world of classical music Over the years I ve had my favorites, but Fleisher was only known to me from music catalogs and the occasional recording In reading his story, I enjoyed the chance to get to know the person behind the name What I did not expect was just how engaging his story would be My Nine Lives is a moving, insightful, humorous personal story of triumph that drew me right in Fleisher and co author Anne Midgette tell his story in a clear, readable style that is chock full of engaging anecdotes, but always seems to move forward at just the right pace There s plenty of wry humor, but also substantial depth and introspection Fleisher begins his story with his childhood as a piano prodigy He studied with Artur Schnabel in Italy and then in New York, and went on This book gave me a lot of food for thought on many different levels about what it means to be a performer, about Fleisher s struggle with focal dystonia, about the upper echelons of the music world Well written and engaging, this memoir takes the reader on a journey through the life of a piano prodigy with all its ups and downs There are plenty of cameos, not just by virtually every giant of the classical music scene from 1950 2000, but also people like Oprah, Mr Rogers, and all kinds of people Fleisher met in the course of his incredible life I have mixed feelings about competitions I ve never been sure what they really achieve They re so antimusical They tend to reflect the opinions of the jury rather than any kind of objective criteria If you have a jury whose members communicate well and think alike, that s one thing, but what s depressing today is that you I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads My Nine Lives by Leon Fleisher and Anne Midgette is one of the most fascinating books I ve ever read Despite having little to no knowledge of musical symphonies and Brahms D Minor concertos , I really enjoyed this book The details of Fleisher s life, from the injury that caused him to lose the last two fingers on his right hand when he was moving the patio table out and ended up hitting a door frame to his various musical achievements becoming a music conductor and a music teacher are superbly written I normally don t read autobiographies because I generally find them boring, but this was definitely a book that caught my interest The trauma that Fleisher had to go through was tough and really emotional, and his descriptions of having to go to so many different doctors to find a successful treatment are truly heartbreaking But

When I saw this book, I knew I would read it, even though I didn t know much about Leon Fleisher I m a violinist, not a pianist, but I found it incredibly inspirational that Leon Fleisher suffered from career stopping hand injuries, moved on to have a fulfilling career in teaching and conducting, and then found solutions to his problems and was able to perform again.
This book is an education in itself to an amateur musician like me It s hard to realize sometimes how much work and heart and life go into the music made by real artists like Mr Fleisher Just because someone is a child prodigy doesn t mean that he can just sit down at the piano and play automatically he must practice for hours every day and learn the ins and outs not only When looking at liner notes or reference works on classical music I am often struck by the short life spans of many great composers Mozart 35 years Chopin 39 Schubert 31 Schumann 46 Mendelssohn 38 What music we ve missed due to the early deaths of these musical giants Would that they had lived as long as Hayden 78.
Leon Fleisher, thankfully, still lives on at age 82 This book is the story of his life in music a story full of tragedy and loss, but also of renewal and inspiration More than just an intriguing memoir, this book tells us much about the power and meaning of music.
Fleisher was a child prodigy who studied under the great Artur Schnabel By his early adulthood, Fleisher was a widely known and highly regarded concert pianist who played with the great symphonies and was building a catalog of recorded Interesting and lots of music talk The people he met and trained with or trained, were impressive I love that he can trace his teacher back, through teachers, to Beethoven He seemed to have the same problems many celebrities have with personal relationships, three marriages and two families of children opus 1 and opus 2 As most celebrities he felt the need to share his political views at the end of the book He is disgusted with the current president and his policies, I had to agree with him Of course he was talking of President Bush and I m talking about Obama.
It was a good book and fast to read, an interesting look at a music filled life Maybe not always the way he imagined, but music inspired and enjoyed all the same.
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