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Download Epub Format Ü Nevermore PDF by ó James Patterson EDIT I finished Below is my review of pretty much the rest of the series Writing a review on just this book would be too hard.
Before I even begin, let me begin by apologizing for what I m sure will turn into a rant I m sorry.
First off Never What the heck was James Patterson thinking The first three titles The Angel Experiment, School s Out Forever, and Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports were great They were definitely, definitely unique I could even live with The Final Warning although, let s face it, it was anything but final But once he started naming his books by the names of the main characters, the titles just lacked excitement and general appeal A book called MAX wouldn t attract my attention if I just happened to run into it at the bookstore Secondly Oh jeez I know this is what most people are saying thinking abo YES THE END I thought I would NEVER hear it Thank you, Mr Patterson, that you FINALLY PUT THIS SERIES OUT OF ITS MISERY I mean really who continues a series for 8 books At least a dying series don t comment on that Its not that I don t love these books cuz I do but the plot died miserably back in book four, then was unfortnuatly birthed into the hell that is NO FAXNESS back in book six Lets just say this better make up for the crap that was the last two or four Saying that, I have a few Requests 1 Fang FAXNESS BABY 2 Dylan dies 3 Maya diesAnd I think we re cool here Yep As long as ALL of this happens, I ll be happy Bah humbug Where to start, where to start Let s start with Fang going all goo goo eyed over Max s clone, Maya Then Max thinking squirrel thoughts about Dylan Maya dying and Fang thinking shit she died, well I better go rejoin my old flock and suck up to Max Fang being all like Max, I love you this is about you and me Dylan being all This book isn t even about saving the world Heck it s a love triangle teen drama with a dash of sci fi Who CARES about Fang s regrets Who CARES about Dylan s love issues Who CARES if Max can t pick between the two guys Because, dear readers, there are than TWO GUYS ON THE WHOLE FREAKING PLANET When will the heroine just wake up and see Hang on a sec These guys are both stupid and I should find someone else So the plot was all kind of Max s POV Whine about Fang and make Bambi eyes at Dylan Fang s POV Feel all tingly when talking to Maya, but feel

And here the Maximum Ride series has come full circle.
That s not a good thing, mind It s not full circle like Bruce Wayne in a well in both Batman Begins and Dark Knight Rises It s not full circle in the motif sense, like the repetition is artful and meaningful, nor is it full circle in the satisfying sense, like Harry and Voldemort facing off for the last time in Deathly Hallows No This is full circle like James Patterson has totally and completely ran out of ideas.
The Flock is once again on their own, but Angel has been taken into the custody of evil scientists who are going to do unspeakable evils to her unspeakable because dear Mr Patterson never felt the need to actually explain what horrors these monsters were goi FINAL RATING 3.
35 STARS CATCHALL Was this book perfect Not by a long shot But did I absolutely love it Yes It had a ton of problems don t get me wrong but my overall satisfaction with the book was high I do wish that some parts had been done differently, and that some of the problems had come to better solutions But despite this book s problems, yes, I did love it It was a fun and quick read in between some of the heavier stuff I ve shouldered lately THE HEROINE MAXSo, Max The first time I read about Max She was awesome The freaking epitome of badassery And as the series progressed she didn t necessarily get that much worse, but there was some sort of decay In this book I felt like she was a bit on the whiny side and didn t really focus on the big picture, but on the l Okay, here we fucking go If you think that this book and this series and James Patterson whatever ghost writer he hired this time is the best thing since sliced bread, and think this review is wrong or too harsh or it was just a book than don t even bother commenting If you say, Oh well I m afraid I ll have to disagree on such and such that s fine Do not tell me my review was wrong or question why I felt this way about something If I got something wrong, you can point that out, it s fine However if my facts are correct, do not tell me I m wrong.
Oh yeah, and there will be a lot of spoilers You were warned.
Alright, now we begin Well, I guess I should say, where exactly do we begin Back in November of 2010 I picked up the first installment in this series because I was looking for something cool and fun A lot of my friends were going crazy over this series since the sixth installmen My wishes for the last maximum ride book 1 Don t have the title be the end of maximum ride or be the name of someone in the flock useless it s iggy that I can live with 2 TEAM FANG Enough saidif Max and Dylan end up together I will burn every maximum ride book BECAUSE FANG ROCKS and I don t like Dylan why didn t he die in Fang I would have been much happier if he had died but I guess than having he in the book would have pointless Dylan sucks I think that title supposed to be never so one wish is granted Maximum Ride And Her Faithful Friends Stand Ready To Face The Two Greatest Threats That Humankind Has Ever Known Now Combining Forces In An Unbeatable Plot To Destroy Life As We Know It Once And For All And This Time, The Enemytruly Can T Be Stopped The Danger Mounts Just As The Boy Genetically Engineered To Be Her Perfect Match , Dylan, Has Finally Worked His Way Into Max S Heart And Just As Her Beloved Fang Unexpectedly Returns To The Flock An Explosive Confrontation Between The Two Boys With A Claim To Max S Heart Ensues, And The Entire World Hangs In The Balance In This Powerful And Moving Latest Sequel In James Patterson S Epic Fantasy Series, Fans Will Finally Get The Answers They Ve Been Waiting For And An Ending Full Of Shock, Surprises, And The Greatest Conclusion You Never Saw Coming God, don t let Dylan get max If James Patterson ends it with dylan and max together I will seriously burn this book Fang is my all time favortie charicter of any book, and Max and fang my favorite couple.
Fang just plain rocks.
Dylan is just, EWWW Hate Dylan.
And I still don t know about angel Is she evil I don t know I want of the old charicters, how they used to act, I mean Plz plz plz don t ruin it JP So Exciting I ll be sad that the whole series ends here, but I can t wait for it to come out Nor can I wait for the cover It should be epic This book had better be amazing, or I ll kill someone and then demand a re write by Mr Patterson Agh I love Fang Just saying P.
S I ll kill another person if Max chooses the D man instead of Fang Also, just saying Update July 4th, 2011 Okay, so the there s the title Woo No, not really That is not the title that I expected Never sounds like something about vampires It doesn t sound like something our good old friend Mr Patterson would come up with, but oh well I ll stop complaining and go with it Update February 12th, 2012 Oh my goodness Look at it Look It FINALLY has a cover I mean, it looks like it s something from manga, and the title kind of stinks, but still My hopes for this book to be amazing are lowering continually It s qu

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