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☆ Scrawl ã Download by ☆ Mark Shulman It's tough to know where to start with this one.
the pitchperfect, sharpedged smartkidbadkid voice? The creative and believable "detention notebook" format, complete with quick exchanges between the kid doing time and the teacherwarden? Loved all that.
but I think it's the heart of this book that really drew me in (author Mark Shulman might hate that I said that.
he's one of those tough guys who probably eats books with "heart" for breakfast, but it's true.
) The truth is that Tod, the main character and narrator of SCRAWL, is a kid I've taught in my classroom so many times I've lost counthe's smart, funny, defiant, impulsive, and living in a world that so many more privileged kids (and teachers) will never really understand.
And he's wonderful.

Read this oneyou'll be so glad you didand then pass it on to any of your reluctant readers.
Note for teacher That was amazing! I loved it! I love those books that are a bit confusing and then they make PERFECT sense in the end.

The characters were amazing.
I LOVED Tod (aka Pops), Doug (aka Bernie) and Mrs.

I hated everyone else, but they were really good characters written into the book.
Everyone else that treated Tod like crap.
All those sucky people that set him up and treated him like a worthless sack of trash.
It's frustrating.

I also love the way this books was written.
From Tod's point of view in his detention notebook (it's not a journal, as he would tell Mrs.
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He may be a bully, but all that he has said about his grades give me the impression that he means to be tough on the outside but he secretly even says that he studys hard to meet his goals to get good grades.
He crumples his papers before he turns them in, plays stupid or coy in class( Tod Munn is in all reading honors classes)while still being top person in class.
His teachers do everything they can underhanded to keep him out of their precious spelling bee, but he does manage to end up IN the spelling bee anyways.
He is up to the finals with one of his arch enimies Greg, and when Greg stumbles upon a word ( it is obvious that the Teachers are rooting for him) and spells jewelry wrong, they accept it because it was the correct way in the England.
Tod is peeved by this but purpose I actually feel kind of bad for giving this book 2 stars.
Everyone else who's read this book seems to love it.
I thought it was mediocre.
It was interesting enough that I wanted to finish it, but not so fantastically amazing that I just couldn't put it down.

Things I liked about this book:
I liked the style in which this book is written.
It's not formal writing.
It's all a "journal" from a high school bully kid, so it's not written like a typical fiction novel.
I also thought the narratorthe high school bullywas very funny sometimes.
A quote that literally made me lol:

"Next class was Art class.
I was supposed to be drawing a bird.
Any kind of bird.
The only birds I know are the pigeon, the chicken, and the middle finger.

There are a few moments like that one that made me laugh.
But other than that, nothing You'll change your mind about bullies.
Scrawl's protagonist is not a nice guy.
In fact, high schooler Tod Munn is a barely tolerable guy.
In between stealing lunch money, vandalizing school property, and irritating teachers, Tod finally pushes his luck and gets into major trouble.

Instead of being expelled, Tod is sentenced to a few months of detention supervised by his guidance counselor.
Woodrow requires Tod to write in a journal, and what she discovers about Tod and his friends surprises everyone.

What I liked about this book:
In a word: Tod.
Shulman created a rich, believable character, and I think I liked Tod more precisely because he is unlikeable.
His journal entries are laughoutloud funny, and Tod finds ways to justify all of his behavior.

Through Tod's journal entries, we see an intelligent kid who is

One word: AMAZING.
The first thing I noticed was the voice in the book.
The book is composed of Tod's "Detention Journal" entrieshe has to write in this journal during detention for getting in trouble.
It is evident that this author knows a thing or two about character development; the voice is so strong, you feel like you've known Tod for all your life.
I wasn't planning on read this 200something page book in one sitting becuase of only an hour of time to do it in, but it ended up that way.
You get so caught up in Tod's world: his feelings, his emotion, his sense of subtle humor, that suddenly you forget that you need to be somewhere or do something.
About three pages into the book I had to use the restroom.
I couldn't put the book down or even get up from my seat I was so engrossed, and when I finis Well, if you’re looking to get deep into the mind of a bully, this ain’t it.
(Go check out Courtney Summers instead.
) That’s because Tod Munn isn’t really a bully.
Or if he is, he’s a rather benevolent one.
He’s also on the honor roll, has perfect attendance, and is a pretty talented seamstress (seamster?).
He’s wellread, a fantastic speller, and doesn’t use drugs or drink or even swear.

And okay, yes, this book is written as a series of journal entries from Tod to his guidance counselor so maybe he's heavily editing/putting a good spin on his own behavior.
But I just never got that impression.
Even when Tod begins writing in his own private notebook, the journal entries don’t become any more explicit.
I never felt like he was lying to me…and I love narrators that lie to me.

Here's the thing about this book: I sort of didn't want to like it.
It's aboutand written in the voice ofa bully.
And I can't abide a bully.
So, I didn't want to sympathize with one.
I certainly didn't want to like one.
But you know, through the course of reading SCRAWL, I did both of those things.
Something else happened too: I began to understand Tod.

But Tod isn't your average hamfisted, blockheaded bully either.
He's intelligent, clever, and ridiculously funny.
His dripdry humor was just the sort I usually go for.
His voice steals the show and had me turning pages just to see what he would say next.
Knocked my slippers off to read him and the way he approached the universe (the writing is quite sharp as well).
But it really saddened me, too, because in seeing his sarcasm and his selfdeprecation, you also see his unflinching inward look at the u

Mark Shulman

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