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[ Read Online Sever ↠´ detective PDF ] by Lauren DeStefano ↠´ Sigh Why are all the books I want to read now come out in over a year D Please come sooner Just to be up front with everything, this will be of a series review than a Sever review, because, honestly, not much actually fucking happens in Sever It s a boring, largely plotless mess, and most of what s frusrating about the characters requires prior knowledge of the series as a whole There will be swearing, gifs, and spoilers up in this bitch, so if you re not up for that, check out of this review with a swiftness.
Maybe, to start, we should talk about Sever just a little bit Sever picks up with Rhine desperate to locate her twin, like she has been since they were separated at the very beginning of Wither She s planning to leave immediately to find him, because he s apparently become a radical and is bombing shit For OVER A HUNDRED PAGES, she plans to go find him, during which time she dicks around with Linden s uncle Time Is Running Out For Rhine In This Conclusion To The New York Times Bestselling Chemical Garden TrilogyWith The Clock Ticking Until The Virus Takes Its Toll, Rhine Is Desperate For Answers After Enduring Vaughn S Worst, Rhine Finds An Unlikely Ally In His Brother, An Eccentric Inventor Named Reed She Takes Refuge In His Dilapidated House, Though The People She Left Behind Refuse To Stay In The Past While Gabriel Haunts Rhine S Memories, Cecily Is Determined To Be At Rhine S Side, Even If Linden S Feelings Are Still Caught Between ThemMeanwhile, Rowan S Growing Involvement In An Underground Resistance Compels Rhine To Reach Him Before He Does Something That Cannot Be Undone But What She Discovers Along The Way Has Alarming Implications For Her Future And About The Past Her Parents Never Had The Chance To ExplainIn This Breathtaking Conclusion To Lauren DeStefano S Chemical Garden Trilogy, Everything Rhine Knows To Be True Will Be Irrevocably Shattered Whyyyyyyyyyyy guys WHY did this happen So yeah I really don t even know where to begin with my review of this book because I m just so danged confused I mean, I LOVED Wither Freakin loved it, raved on and on about it, gave it 5 stars all the way which I hardly ever do I also really enjoyed Fever it wasn t quite as intriguing as the first book, but the plot was still there, the characters were still all likable for the most part, and Lauren s absolutely incredible and haunting way of describing scenes kept me totally hooked.
And then came Sever.
Also known asThe Monotonous Train Wreck That Will Bore You to Tears Because This Series NEVER Should Have Been Made Into a Trilogy Clearly, I need to get a job making up ridiculously long titles for YA booksNow I don 7 4 13 Thirty five likes D Aww, shucks Thank you everyone 8 17 12 No No NO I really don t like how Rhine is holding her ring off her finger on the cover And the bird is free and her face kind of looks happy And I have a very, very bad feeling that Sever might mean cutting herself off from Linden completely Team Linden C mon Who wants the servant guy Gabriel He s so bland.
But if she decides to break it off with both guys and live the rest of her short life with her twin then I won t be that mad I do hope Rowan plays a lead role in this one 9 1 12Okay, so the little blurb for the storyline is making me crazy Linden has an uncle She knows her twin is alive Yay Reunite please Oh, and I really wanted Celily or whatever her name, out of the dang picture But apprantly she knows how to get herself back into the main focus storyline.
suck At least Linden is mentioned, if Rhine end I really hated Fever but I MUST find out what happens to Linden and Cecily.
Thank you Goodreads First Reads and Simon Schulster for my ARC of the book Wow I was not expecting to like this book so much considering I was not a fan of the last two books.
Rhine has finally gotten away from Vaughn, but is she ever truly safe from his evil clutches Linden brings Rhine and Cecily to Vaughn s brother, who differs from him in so many ways and allows them to take refuge in his home while they form a plan Rhine is still hoping to find her brother Rowan and reunite with Gabriel, the servant who ran away with her from the start But tragedies fall like swift rain in the Chemical Garden trilogy, and the last book is no exception.
Let me just take a bit of a discussion on the cover of this book real quick Now I know everyone hates it but it Wow You know you ve found an absolutely beautiful series when you want a book called Untitled UPDATE Alright, cover reveal The model looks gorgeous WE.
FACE but I don t like the color scheme What is that Green and Gold Ick But, in my opinion, everything else looks incredible.

Sever is the last book in The Chemical Garden Trilogy.
Rhine has finally gotten away from Vaughn, but now she s not only searching for her brother but for Gabriel as well After reading the first two books I really wanted to know what happens in the end I enjoyed learning a little about the world but still wished there was detail I was happy to find out what happened to some of my favorite characters, but I was a bit let down when I didn t hear about some of the others At times the writing felt a bit rushed and I was a bit confused as to what was going on For being a young adult trilogy, it seems to have a lot of mature themes, especially sexual themes At times it just seemed excessive Even though the sexual acts are mostly implied and not COVER REVEAL Oh, boy It s probably my least favorite of the three I m sorry, Lauren You know that I still love you But it s just not unique enough The other covers were totally different and crazy and this one just didn t live up to its expectations TITLE REVEAL The title of the third Wither book is.
You, right along with me, might be thinking What the hell does the word Sever have to do with anything Are Gabriel s testicles going to be Severed off Is Rhine going to Sever her connection with someone All I know is I can t freaking wait to find out.
After LOVING the first book and being somewhat disappointed by the second one, I had no idea what to expect but I still wanted to know how it will end But Several chapters in I have to say, I don t even care It s terrible, makes no sense And seeing how the series deteriorated I m forced to believe that the author wrote the first book but after publishing had no idea where to go with the series Huge disappointment eknu to takhle siln m to nebavilo tak jsem se do spoileru koukala, co se stane d l a zjistila jsem, ze.
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