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Download Epub Format ✓ Shift PDF by ✓ Jeri Smith-Ready Aura S Life Is Anything But Easy Her Boyfriend, Logan, Died, And His Slides Between Ghost And Shade Have Left Her Reeling Aura Knows He Needs Her Now Than Ever She Loves Logan, But She Can T Deny Her Connection With The Totally Supportive, Totally Gorgeous Zachary And She S Not Sure That She Wants To Logan And Zachary Will Fight To Be The One By Her Side, But Aura Needs Them Both To Uncover The Mystery Of Her Past The Mystery Of The Shift As Aura S Search Uncovers New Truths, She Must Decide Whom To Trust With Her Secrets And Her Heart 4.
25 stars Book 1 in the series, Shade, ended on a bloody cliffhanger Which meant I had to begin reading this one kind of right away And duuuude, the first 100 pages or so were AMAZING So good I could barely stop reading In this book, as we find out in Book 1 after Logan fails to pass on and has turned into a Shade, he comes back to Aura after three months, and somehow changes back into a ghost And then, BAM , he turns into a flesh and blood human for fifteen minutes, during which Aura and him almost love their virginity.
The plot does move at a pretty crack a lackin space, although it does grow a bit slow in the middle But not for long, though, and it totally becomes addictive a while later I mean, I did read this book in one day, ya know, so obviously it was super exciting All the stuff about the Shift we got to find out in this boo 1.
5 stars The first book in this series was really entertaining I liked the concept of a world in which kids born after a certain time period could all see ghosts, as well as the idea of exploring how difficult that reality might be for both the ghosts and the ones they leave behind Aura s boyfriend Logan made a stupid mistake and paid for it with his life, leaving her full of guilt and unresolved feelings In both the previous book and in this one, she has to find a way to help him come to terms with his future as well as coming to terms with her own Complicating matters is the handsome Zachary and the Department of Metaphysical Purity, both of whom want Logan gone for good.
With such an interesting set up, expanding on the story that began in Shade should not have been particularly difficult But when 75% of this sequel is spent on the ridiculous back and forth relationship of Au

5starsWhat to say, what to sayOkay, to be honest here, I do like this series, it has all the elements I look for in a good read swoon worthy characters, a complex plot and strong writing and I simply adore Logan But This book made me dizzy and it felt completely different from the first With Logan it s he s a shade, he s a ghost, he s alive With Aura, she s basically messed up throughout this book and flip flops between Logan, Zach and even had a moment with another character I sincerely believe this girl doesn t know what she truly wants She says one thing and does something completely different and why oh why does everything end up with sex with this girl I get that part with Logan since he was her childhood friend turned boyfriend love of her life, but what was the rush for Zach andthe other character I get she s not in a really really great book

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Download Epub Format ✓ Shift PDF by ✓ Jeri Smith-Ready Jeri Smith Ready has been writing fiction since the night she had her first double espresso A steady stream of caffeine has produced twelve published novels for teens and adults since 2001.Jeri lives in Maryland with her husband and two cats, who often play tag team sit in the author s lap and keep her from writing The cats, that is, not the husband Though, actually