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[ Read Online Spirit and Dust (Goodnight Family #2) À young-adult-contemporary PDF ] by Rosemary Clement-Moore ☆ Rosemary Clement Moore is fast becoming one of my favourite authors While I have not loved all her books, I have liked them all and found in them a joie de vivre that works so well for me Her protagonists are always so spunky and even when they have their share of insecurities and flaws, they are always easy to relate to and likeable I remember Daisy from the Texas Gothic and I remember thinking that she had a colourful character about whom I wouldn t mind reading about I got my wish in this book as Daisy sets off on an adventure that could rival Katniss s trials and tribulations in the games arena.
Being a Goodnight, Daisy has seen than her share of things that other, mundane, people would write off as crazy She is a consultant for the FBI, using her considerable supernatural powers to help them find murderers and other ele 4.
5 Snuck this one in in between review books because I remembered how much fun Texas Gothic was do not regret.
And yes, I know snuck is not a word You can pry it from my cold dead lips.
Daisy Goodnight Can Speak To The Dead It S Not The Result Of A Head Injury Or Some Near Death Experience She Was Just Born That Way And She S Really Good At It Good Enough To Help The Police Solve The Occasional HomicideBut Helping The Local Authorities Clear Cold Cases Is One Thing Being Whisked Out Of Chemistry Class By The FBI And Flown To The Scene Of A Murder Kidnapping In Minnesota That S The Real DealBefore The Promotion Can Go To Daisy S Head, She S Up To Her Neck In Trouble The Spirits Are Talking, And They Re Terrified There S A Real Living Girl In Danger And When Daisy Is Kidnapped By A Crime Boss With No Scruples About Using Magic And Daisy To Get What He Wants, It Looks Like Hers Is The Next Soul On The Line Daisy Goodnight can speak to the dead It s not the result of a head injury or some near death experience She was just born that way And she s really good at it Good enough to help the police solve the occasional homicide I was pretty disappointed in Spirit and Dust It s a companion novel to Texas Gothic but it was nothing like Texas Gothic All of the things that made me adore Texas Gothic were missing in this book This book lacked the charm that was present in that one There were no quirky, eccentric characters, unless you count Daisy herself and the rest of the Goodnight family was absent for the most part Where Texas Gothic was light hearted and funny, Spirit and Dust was tense and serious Honestly though, this wasn t a bad book It was a pretty good mystery that contained a few goo I liked the start of this book, but then 10 pages in it went from 4 stars to 2 then quickly 1 Most disappointing read this yearNext WOW Review to come I think I ve come out with the perfect title for this review, on my BL page I believe I will call it Jackals and JackassesAnd yes, there is a perfectly good reason for it It has been quite some time now a few weeks at leastwhich in the bookish world, translates to AGES since I ve loved a story this much Although the last part of Texas Gothic the first in this series was amazing in showing the author s talent, for me Spirit and Dust is so far, the real gem in the Goodnight Family seriesOf course I am partial to snark and this book has it in spades Daisy Goodnight which first appears in Texas Gothic, as the Gothic rebel teenage psychic that arrives to provide some paranormal insight during her cousins Phinn s and Amy s adventu A lot of people didn t like this book And the same happens withTexas GothicAnd I seriously don t understand why I did a buddy read for Texas Gothic and I was the only one who enjoyed it So weird.
I really like Rosemary Clement Moore s writing When I start a book of hers I can t put it down Characters The Goodnight family is fabulous And I really want there to me books about them, so I can meet of their family They re always such kickass heroines Daisy can see dead people Or has she likes to call them remnants I only ever heard that term in Silent Hill actually the game, not the movie and they re not very friendly But here we have a great variety of them What I really like about Daisy, a part from being a badass, is that she s also smart, fu

I was not supposed to end up freezing my ass off in a remake of Harry Potter meets The Italian Job by way of Fargo Texas Gothic was so interesting that I decided to read about a different member of the Goodnight family, Daisy Goodnight I really liked the idea of a family peppered with psychics, mediums, kitchen witches and other paranormal oddities It started out pretty strong but at the end turned a little bit too much into a Night at the Museum meets The Mummy for my taste.
Daisy is a teenage, 17 almost 18 year old, physic who helps the FBI with murder cases since she can interact with dead people or remnants of spirits After the kidnapping of a girl and the murder her bodyguard Daisy heads off to help with the investigation only to be kidnapped herself Now she is in a time crunch to find an ancient object in order to save the kidnapped girl I really liked Daisy as a chara To see full review click here.
So, a couple of years ago I went to a book signing by Texas Gothic which was by one of my favorite authors, Rosemary Clement Moore During the signing Rosemary talked about the book she was working on which was supposed to have an Indiana Jones meets Leverage vibe and I was like I have to have that book And, well, now I do So, I guess I have to review it.
There are several things I want in YA books This book has it all Let me list them shall I 1 kick ass heroine, 2 hot FBI agent that I imagine looking like a younger David Duchovny, 3 mysteries, 4 magic, 5 mobsters, 6 really hot mob henchman that doesn t look like Steve Burton thank God , 7 archeology, 8 museums, 9 dinosaurs, and 10 kick ass descen This was just your all around fun, adventure, mystery with just the right amount of romance book Where the female character is fun and sarcastic I LOVE IT Daisy is not your typical girl in this book No, she is a gothic But not your Emo gothic, she is a snarky, loving life, loves her craziness kind of gothic, and it was so much fun to read.
I love the flirtatous relationship between Daisy and her FBI agent I like how he calls her Jailbait and she calls him Agent Tasty They have a great relationship that doesn t go anywhere because he feels she is too young and he is an agent and they are just colleagues I like how they speak to each other in code and it just somply fun to read.
Carson is part of the family that kidnaps Daisy while Daisy is trying to help the FBI with a murder kidnapping mystery and I enjoyed their easy going relationship Even

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