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[Saundra Mitchell] õ Aetherborne [back-to-school PDF] Read Online Ø So I have to start this review out by saying that I ve truly enjoyed Saundra Mitchell s writing I ve read all the books in her The Vespertine series, and was immediately sucked into the world that she created with Amelia and Zora However, that being said this book was somewhat of a disappointment There were many things that I enjoyed and loved about The Elementals, but there were also certain aspects that I felt detracted from the story Let me start by telling you what I did enjoy The writing was phenomenal as always The descriptions were rich and luscious, and both Kate and Julian were characters I could connect with Kate was mischievous and ambitious, and I loved that she never let the rules of her time confine her Kate wasn t afraid to be herself, and I did really enjoy that she was willing to step out on her own She didn t really understand This teen historical paranormal fiction, the last book of the Vespertine trilogy, is published by HMH books for Young Readers It gets an extra star for some bisexual affectional content, pretty daring for the age group of 12 and up, though there s no actual sex and the word bisexual is never spoken.
This felt like a sketch for a novel than an actual novel By the time all the various characters were outlined, the action was already finishing up I couldn t believe it was the end already, and I didn t feel that invested in the characters Once again, the same sex relationship is portrayed as shallow compared to the different sex relationship that follows That always bugs me.
I enjoyed Saundra Mitchell s debut SHADOWED SUMMER, and I ve always meant to read her new books but never quite managed Thus I haven t read THE VESPERTINE or THE SPRINGSWEET, the companions to THE ELEMENTALS.
I ve been told the first two books stand very well on their own, but I wish I had read them before reading THE ELEMENTALS There is a reasonable amount of background, but the villain is entirely motivated by events that happened in one of the earlier books, which I could merely make educated guesses about I feel like there would ve been of a sense of something building if I was familiar with the characters and their relationships.
The main characters of THE ELEMENTALS are the children of the main characters of the first two books Kate has been raised all over the world, always partying, never working Her dream is to b

This is a companion novel to THE VESPERTINE and THE SPRINGSWEET, in which our previous heroines children also gifted with elemental magic meet in LA during World War I, with disastrous consequences I loved seeing how life played out for both of our previous couples Nathaniel and Amelia have become a bit insufferable in their privileged flights around the globe, but Emerson and Zora have become one of my favorite book couples with all their laughter and hard work and passion for one another Both their son Julian a handsome musician with a bad leg from polio, who can resurrect dead animals and Kate Amelia and Nathaniel s daughter are terribly interesting characters though the edge might go to Kate, an aspiring filmmaker who prefers to dress as a boy, cr Ooooh, nice cover could do without the weird lens flare tho To be honest, I read this book such a long time ago maybe not too long ago that I really don t remember what happened but the ending The ending was fucking fantastic It almost made me cry It made me think about the meaning of life It made me appreciate love that was before I knew what love was The ending was so good that it made me change my mind about the book as a whole I m happy that Mitchell s writing improved so much since that ugly first book Are you an interior decorator Cause when I saw you, the room became beautiful.
I kinda liked the title Aetherborne better And I like the cover of The Springsweet better.
Oh well This cover seems much dark and mysterious, so let s see what it offers.
Kate Witherspoon Has Lived A Bohemian Life With Her Artist Parents In , The New Art Form Of The Motion Picture Is Changing Entertainment And Kate Is Determined To Become A DirectorMeanwhile, Midwestern Farm Boy Julian Birch Has Inherited The Wanderlust That Fueled His Parents Adventures A Childhood Bout With Polio Has Left Him Crippled, But He Refuses To Let His Disability Define HimStrangers Driven By A Shared Vision, Kate And Julian Set Out Separately For Los Angeles, The City Of Dreams There, They Each Struggle To Find Their Independence When They Finally Meet, The Teenage Runaways Realize Their True Magical Legacy The Ability To Triumph Over Death, And Over Time But As Their Powerful Parents Before Them Learned, All Magic Comes With A Price Another one for the WTF ending shelf.
It feels like I just read The Vespertine and The Springsweet But it s been many months Been dying for this third and final book ever since then While it doesn t come out until June 2013, I was lucky enough to get an review copy of it from the publisher via NetGalley 3 And I m so happy about that My review won t be spoilery, but you probably shouldn t read it unless you have read the first two books in this series Which you really must.
I have read a lot of great books And this series is some of the bests These books are just amazing The writing is stunning, the characters amazing, and the plot is just so incredibly good I also very much love the time these books are set in It s very interesting to read about, and I loved it very much Everything is so different in these books So perfect There wasn t anything not to lo

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[Saundra Mitchell] õ Aetherborne [back-to-school PDF] Read Online Ø izmirescort.pro Saundra Mitchell is the author of SHADOWED SUMMER, THE VESPERTINE, THE SPRINGSWEET, THE ELEMENTALS and MISTWALKER In non fiction, she s the author of the THEY DID WHAT series for middle grade readers She s also the editor of the YA anthology DEFY THE DARK IN 2018, HarlequinTEEN will publish her next anthology, ALL OUT.Writing as Jessa Holbrook, she published her first romantic contemporary YA