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Download Epub Format õ The Kids Are All Right PDF by ✓ Diana Welch Completely immersed in Eighties culture, this portrait of a dysfunctional yet loving family is completely amazing and full of the unexpected.
This collaborative memoir, written from four different points of view, chronicles the ups and downs of the four Welch siblings, three of whom were teens when both their parents died dad from a car accident, mom from cancer and they were forced to make their own way in the world On their own, they negotiated places to live, jobs, and their schooling Even though they were constantly split up, they defined the word home to be whenever two or of them were together one place My emotions were all over the place as I sympathized with Amanda s punk rock fueled rebellions, Liz s ruthless pursuit of popularity so no one would think her a poor little orphan, Dan s experimentation with drugs to keep the demons at bay, and Diana s loss of self as the youngest Welch with the fewest memories of her lost parents In tone, it reminded me of the The Virgin Suicides or a les 2.
0 out of 5 stars Just another misery memoir, December 20, 2009This review is from The Kids Are All Right A Memoir Hardcover Customer review from the Vine Program What s this I read all the positive reviews of this memoir co authored by the four Welch children whose father died suddenly when they were very young Unfortunately, after selecting and muddling through the book, I came away with a very different opinion about it Mostly who cares Yes, it was sad that the children lost their father And yes, sad also that he wasn t really rich after all and that the circumstances surrounding his death were questionable Even sadder was when their mother was diagnosed with cancer But, ultimately, there was nothing unusual or earth shattering here that made this story or this family any interesting than any other family that experiences tragedy and inexplicable death.

This is my people magazine book of the season an entertaining and easy to read real life story And it was a good one Once again affirming that you can t make it up truth is definitely stranger than fiction.
Although, as the Welch children point out in their introduction, the truth of memory is dependent on many things, age and time and context forever tainting what gets lodged into your brain synapses And so each of the four siblings relates their own filtered impressions in alternating self titled chapters They also say they consulted others involved in what happened about what they recalled, though it s not clear if that changed what they wrote or how they wrote it.
Together, the four childrens stories, with a 12 year age gap from oldest to youngest, fill out into what seems to be a happy ending for all After losing their father in a car accident, and their mother a few years Jackie says This is an amazing book in numerous ways First of all, the fact that four siblings could join together to write a book is impressive Their stories, individually and together, are riveting First they lose their father to a questionable car accident Then they discover that he left their family 1million in debt Then, only a month after his funeral, their mom is diagnosed with cancer They all are tossed about by changes in addresses and schools and with the needs of their dying mother After her death, arrangements for where each of the kids are going are horrifyingly tangled up the kids range from a college freshman to a 7 year old and the family is torn apart for long years People who were supposed to be helping were not, and at times the kids went through actual abusive situations as they tried to find a place to belong, at least long e This memoir is a game changer a book that stops telling about the complexities of memory and simply shows pay attention, David Shields The Welch s hunch , that Everyone has the right to his or her version of the truth, and respecting that right can lead to forgiveness is the overarching principle of the book, wherein each sibling takes turns writing chapters Entire scenes of traumatic events filled with detail and description are complicated by another sibling calling basic facts into question For example, Liz writes that she slept alone the night her mother died Amanda writes, no, I was sleeping right next to you Liz describes a mix tape on Diana s dresser, Diana claims there was no mix tape Instead of trying to rectify these contradictions, the Welch siblings embrace them Surprisingly, unsurprisingly the mixed up truth is fuller and convincin I really loved this book At first I was a little bit thrown off by the different points of view, but after I got used to it, I loved it It was relatable for me I have lost both of my parents, one very recently Although I have no siblings, and found myself envying the authors for having each other I saw someone call this a misery memoir in one of their reviews and believe that is a simple way to shut out a book that is much than that Some people just can t take the truth I really respect all four of the writers for being really honest about their experience and the writing wasn t perfect, but to me, that isn t what storytelling is about I found myself wanting to hug the young Diana and tell her that what she was experiencing wasn t her faultand I felt that closeness with Perfect Is Boring Well, Certainly Wasn T Boring For The Welch Family Somehow, Between Their Handsome Father S Mysterious Death, Their Glamorous Soap Opera Star Mother S Cancer Diagnosis, And A Phalanx Of Lawyers Intent On Bankruptcy Proceedings, The Four Welch Siblings Managed To Handle Each New Heartbreaking Misfortune In The Same Way They Dealt With The Unexpected Arrival Of The Forgotten About Chilean Exchange Student TogetherAll That Changed With The Death Of Their Mother While Nineteen Year Old Amanda Was Legally On Her Own, The Three Younger Siblings Liz, Sixteen Dan, Fourteen And Diana, Eight Were Each Dispatched To A Different Set Of Family Friends Quick Witted And Sharp Tongued, Amanda Headed For College In New York City And Immersed Herself In An S World Of Alternative Music And Drugs Liz, Living With The Couple For Whom She Babysat, Followed In Amanda S Footsteps Until High School Graduation When She Took A Job In Norway As A Nanny Mischievous, Rebellious Dan, Bounced From Guardian To Boarding School And Back Again, Getting Deeper Into Trouble And Drugs And Diana, The Red Haired Baby Of The Family, Was Given A New Life And Identity And Told To Forget Her Past But Diana S Siblings Refused To Forget Her Or Let Her GoTold In The Alternating Voices Of The Four Siblings, Their Poignant, Harrowing Story Of Un Breakable Bonds Unfolds With Ferocious Emotion Despite The Welch Children S Wrenching Loss And Subsequent Separation, They Retained The Resilience And Humor That Both Their Mother And Father Endowed Them With Growing Up As Lost Souls, Taking Disastrous Turns Along The Way, But Eventually Coming Out Right Side Up The Kids Are Not Only All Right They Re Back Together From The Hardcover Edition This is a compulsively readable bookit is like eating a bag of potato chipsI couldn t stop reading just one chapter over the last twenty four hours The format of brief vignettes chapters by each of the four sibling writers is so readable and also really ups the humor level But this story of four Cinderella sibs whose parents die and who are farmed out one to an especially scary family can be sad and at times tragic There s a glut of poor me childhood memoirs right now since the success of Glass Castle and others but this one has that extra something that really made me glad I picked it up.
Had this book for awhile Should have read it before now, it s a favorite Love the way the kids kept with each other as much as they could Nice book

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Download Epub Format õ The Kids Are All Right PDF by ✓ Diana Welch I wrote a book with my siblings called The Kids are All Right which has nothing to do with lesbians or sperm banks Starring Ann Williams, Famous Soap Star, and a bunch of unknown actors Oh, wait This isn t IMDB