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[Kim Vandervort] Ñ The Northern Queen [malabo PDF] Read Online ½ I actually screamed when this book ended because I knew I would have to wait for some time to find out what happens next After I calmed down, I decided I would do my best to wait patiently to see what happens in the next book Down to the book itself, I will say this book is quite a bit different from The Song and the Sorceress I feel like our characters are learning about strategy and relationships than ever before In the end, it works though given where the story appears to be going in the next installment, and I loved every minute of it Learning about the history of the continent, introducing Breyveran s brother, and exploring court intrigue added some great new dimensions to the story My only complaint which is incredibly nitpicky minor is that of the hard copy s cover I bought this on Kindle because I don t like the cove I liked this and will read the 3rd when it is published But I didn t like it as much as the first one Since I read it back to back with the first one, I found some of the differences between the end of the first and the beginning of the second jarring For example, in the first book, the previous king is portrayed as a fairly bad, out of touch king Then in the beginning of this one it s all about how he was such a great king.
I liked some of the palace politics, but Ki leah was just too oblivious to the undercurrents She s new to the throne, yes But she had two years of knowing her father was dying to train for this but doesn t seem to have put it to good use learning how to rule Over and over again, she notes something is strange and then doesn t follow up on it It makes it hard to root for her.
It s a good set up for the third book, though It puts Ki leah in an interesting an I just finished The Song and the Sorceress, and loved it I was impressed that you included a map so I could follow the journey from North to South I wish I had a glossary for some of the words or a description of how you pronounce them I was carried away by the tale and look forward to reading The Northern Queen Please keep writing Kim, I will read everything you put to paper All my best.
Carol L Hyland Reviewed by Marta Morrison for TeensReadToo.
comI had to read this book after reading the first in the series, THE SONG AND THE SORCERESS.
It has been two years since Ki leah has returned from defeating Lyarra, the ancient evil sorceress, and two years since she has seen the man she loves, Breyveran, the King of Sahtamor Her father has died, and she is to be crowned Queen of Si vad.
She is very excited to see her love again, since many monarchs are coming to her coronation Breyveran doesn t come but her brother, Delveran, does Ki leah is disappointed, but not for long, because she soon finds out that she and her country are in danger.
The Northern Queen has a lot of adventure with Britta and Erich having to fight fires and the coming of another Rahar, who is waking in the south of Si vad There are some new characters, who again are very 3.
5 stars I really enjoyed The Northern Queen, but am frustrated with where it ends After reading the author s blog it sounds like she is in the process of writing the next book in the series which I m really happy about because there are way too many loose ends left at the end of this one As with The Song and the Sorceress, what I enjoyed the most about the book were the characters.
The stakes are higher, the costs are dearer, and if you thought The Song and the Sorceress was full of action, it was a walk in a moonlit garden compared to Northern Queen Kim Vandervort succeeds in doing what only the best series novels do she s pulled her readers in all over again with new elements that raise the action and suspense to a higher level And like really good second novels, it makes you want a third, and a fourth, and as many as she can keep writing No damsels in distress here The characters we came to love in Song are back here Older, wiser, grittier, and vulnerable in ways you might not expect An excellent read whether snuggled under a blanket on your couch in winter, or on the beach in the surf during the summer.
Action Filled BOOKLIST The Northern Queen The Sequel To Kim Vandervort S Critically Acclaimed First Novel, The Song And The Sorceress Two Short Years Have Passed Since Princess Ki Leah Alrhiane Del Sivahr Solved The Ancient Riddle That Prevented Lyarra Val Rahimir From Gaining A Dangerous Foothold On Si Vad Hardly Enough Time To Prepare For The Responsibilities Of Ruling A Kingdom Nevertheless, With Her Mother Ailing From The Same Illness That Felled Her Father, Ki Leah Must Assume Her Birthright As Queen Of Si Vad When Evidence Reaches Her Of An Ancient Threat Gathering On Her Southern Border, Ki Leah Is Forced To Make A Difficult And Dangerous Choice One That Could Irrevocably Alter The Futures Of Everything And Everyone She Holds Dear I don t normally read fantasy novels, but I am loving this series The characters are fantastic Vandervort paints a vivid and detailed picture of her world, causing you to get lost in the pages, not wanting to find your way out The Northern Queen leaves you yearning for once the last page has been turned I can t wait to read the next book Write faster this was a disappointing book as compared to the first princess ki leah came off as too whiny and there were contradictions in her character plus i felt that not a whole lot happened.
This series is amazing I love the characters and Vandervort s prose is just fantastic I can t wait for the next installment give me of Ki leah and her world

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[Kim Vandervort] Ñ The Northern Queen [malabo PDF] Read Online ½ izmirescort.pro Kim Vandervort began writing at the age of eleven as an outlet for her overactive imagination Since then, she has written a variety of mostly unpublished pieces that will never see the light of day After attending Viable Paradise XI in 2007 her writing and marketing skills improved, enabling her to transition into publication Her first short story, The Librarian of Talimbourne, appeared in th