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Ú The Vision (The Mark, #2) ¿ Download by Ú Jen Nadol Cassie Renfield Knows The Mark Tells Her When Someone Is Going To Die And That She Can Intervene And Attempt To Change Fate But She Still Doesn T Understand The Consequences, Especially Whether Saving One Life Dooms Another With No Family Left To Offer Guidance, Cassie Goes In Search Of Others Like Her But When She Meets Demetria, A Troubled Girl Who Seems To Have The Power Of The Fates, Cassie Finds The Truth Isn T At All What She Expected And Then There S Her Heady New Romance With Bad Boy Zander Dating Him Has Much Graver Repercussions Than She Could Ever Have Imagined, Forcing Cassie To Make Choices That Cut To The Essence Of Who She Is And What She BelievesJen Nadol Offers Readers A Romance With Big Stakes And An Ethical Dilemma With No Easy Answers In This Riveting Sequel To The Mark Paranormal Fans Who Love The Psychological Thrill Of Lisa McMann S Bestselling Wake Trilogy Will Flock To These books Today s review is on The Vision by Jen NadolThe Vision is the second installment in Nadol s The Mark series, and though I enjoyed it, there were some times where I was a bit lost It was as if there was something missing, some explanation of why, who, and how come.
Cassie Renfield is able to tell when someones last day of life will be That person s has a glow around them that Cassie calls the mark , but she has no idea what to do about it does she warn the person s or does she let nature take its course After her grandmother dies in book one, she finds that she s a descendant of the Fates, and with that comes her ability Wanting to find someone like her, Cassie leaves everything behind including her boyfriend, and moves to a populated area She begins working at a local mortuary funeral home to try to learn about death and enrolls in high school Trying to stay My Thoughts It has been quite a while since I read The Mark, the first book in the series I believe I read it in February 2010, almost 2 years ago And, I remember that I loved it So when I heard the next book in the series was coming out, I was pumped.
We are back with Cassie who has realized she has abilities and can see a glow around someone when they are about to die She calls it the mark Cassie can still see the mark and is constantly in an argument with herself Should she tell the person or should she keep it to herself If she tells them and change things, than another person will die in their place One life for another Its a slippery slope on who to save and who to let go.
Cassie has came to a new town and is staying with a friend She meets a few new guys The first guy is Ryan Ryan works at the funeral home with her He really adores her and The Vision starts off a couple of months after The Mark leaves off Cassie has spent some time with Jack the boy she came home to last book , but when she realizes that she can t trust him with her secret, she decides to leave and search for answers In her new town she meets Zander, and they enter into a whirlwind relationship But things get complicated when Cassie finds out that Zander has secrets of his own Then she has to decide what she believes, and if she has what it takes to follow through.
I liked The Mark quite a bit, and I was looking forward to the next chapter of Cassie s life I have to say, I didn t care for The Vision as much as The Mark I thought that The Mark seemed really original and fresh, but that The Vision felt like any other paranormal romance I felt like it was lacking the deeper philosophy which made the firs After finishing this one, I spent some time trying to work out my thoughts on it I was not too fond of the first half of the book I felt lost, like I didn t quite know what was going on I even re read parts of the Mark just to prevent this from happening I came to a conclusion I don t like Cassie The supporting cast was great, they worked out beautifully and made sense in the scheme of things What didn t was Cassie Because you see, Cassie has a gift she can see when a person has 24 hours left to live But Cassie does not like this gift Enter Zander Zander, the bad boy, the Greek, the one she is attracted to From him she learns about her gift, but that doesn t mean she has to like it.
Okay So, I get that I get that she doesn t So I m about halfway through this book when Damaris at GCR tells me, You know that that s the 2nd book in a series, right Have you read The Mark Of course, because I m me, I didn t have a clue that this was even part of a series My cluelessness aside, I think that Jen Nadol did a great job of making sure that you didn t even need to read the first book to enjoy The Vision In fact, this book was so good that I plan on going back and reading The Mark, especially because I would love to read about Cassie as she first learned of her gift curse.
What you do learn in this book for all those who are unfamiliar with the story is that Cassie has the power to see a mark on a person s forehead 24 hours before they die She knows that she can stop that person from dying, but she also believes that if she saves one person fro For me this was a 4.
5 star read It did take me a little while to get back into Cassandras story maybe because I read the first book over two years ago P But once I was in, I was hooked Ms Nadol writes a story where you re torn between which guy you want her to be with intense scary Zander, a good friend that could be Ryan or the loveavle, childhood best friend Jack I loved how at the beginning of this book she was lost and by the end she had found her self a corny thing to say, but true non the less I havent read many books on Greek mythology including Fates and the Angel of Death and I loved the idea of her having the power to decide whether to warn someone they only had 24 hours to live and if they remained safe, they could possibly avoid it The sad twist is that someone else will take their place perha Wow read this in around 2 and a half hours Loved it.
I really like the main character She has her flaws and she has her strengths, all of which are very typical and yet unique in today s society Although she s gone through multiple boyfriends, most of which seemed to be the wrong guy for her, I liked the way those relationships added to her finding herself and her beliefs They also contributed in telling the story and ideas a bit better.
Misunderstandings and little puns here and there really helped lighten up the atmosphere That made this book a combination of intense, deep, though provoking, moving, weird, funny as heck, humorous, disgusting, shocking, and so much all in the span of 200 pages Wonderful use of atmosphere.
The ending was one of the most s WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT.
just happened This book wasn t bad, per se Predictable, kind of Angsty, yes But there was enough going for it I was annoyed every time I had to put it down One of my favorite books is Putting Makeup on Dead People which made me view funeral preparation in a whole new light, and the way the Nadol dealt with it was just very offhand in comparison which honestly bothered me I feel like she really doesn t go into depth about anything in this book except for Cassie s guilt and confusion, which was kind of unsatisfying.
This also meant essentially 5 people had decent characterization Cassie, Zander, Jack, Petra, and Liv, but she s even a stretch Nadol once again created a male character who I really didn t enjoy very much Zander is everything I avoid in a person And Jack, being slightly present in this book, actually developed very nicely I was glad that he didn t just let Cassie walk all over him t

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Ú The Vision (The Mark, #2) ¿ Download by Ú Jen Nadol Jen Nadol grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania and graduated from American University with a BA in literature She s lived in Washington DC, Boston, NYC and now, an old farmhouse north of the city with her three sons When she s not writing, she s probably tending to the farmhouse or the sons, reading, cooking, skiing, or sleeping.