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[ Read Online Wonder Ì young-readers PDF ] by R.J. Palacio ç Wow I am so glad that I finally got around to listening to this story Wonder had been sitting on my TBR list for a really long time, but I had been waiting for a time to listen to it with my daughters That time finally arrived last weekend, when we had to spend a full day in the car on a trip.
I had read many great reviews for this book, so I had really high hopes going into it In fact, I was worried that I would be disappointed, as I often am with a book that is surrounded by so much hype However, I can say that this book did not let me down in any way In fact, it exceeded every expectation that I had I absolutely loved this story Wonder tells the story of a young boy, August Pullman aka Auggie , who is going to begin attending school for the first time ever Auggie has been homeschooled for years by his mother Personally, I prefer my ARC cover You like image error I Won T Describe What I Look Like Whatever You Re Thinking, It S Probably Worse August Pullman Was Born With A Facial Difference That, Up Until Now, Has Prevented Him From Going To A Mainstream School Starting Th Grade At Beecher Prep, He Wants Nothing Than To Be Treated As An Ordinary Kid But His New Classmates Can T Get Past Auggie S Extraordinary Face Wonder, Now ANew York Times Bestseller And Included On The Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List, Begins From Auggie S Point Of View, But Soon Switches To Include His Classmates, His Sister, Her Boyfriend, And Others These Perspectives Converge In A Portrait Of One Community S Struggle With Empathy, Compassion, And AcceptanceAlternate Cover Edition ISBNISBN I feel like I want to attach a giant asterisk to those two stars up there I acknowledge that this opinion will not be shared by 90% orof readers.
I know that most everyone is going to love this book it s a very sweet, heartwarming story And on top of that it s well written and flows really nicely I finished it in one afternoon For a really well thought out, positive review I would read Flannery s If you insist on staying here be prepared for dissent and lot of middle school reminiscing on my part You ve been warned.
And now to the task at hand This is the story of August, a ten year old boy who s attending school for the first time He was born with major facial deformities, and has been homeschooled from early childhood His parents think it s time for him to attempt a real school environment, but he isn t sure In public, he s often greeted by c You don t need your eyes to love, right You just feel it inside you I chose this quote as my introduction to this review, because I think it fits the prevailing mood of the book so very well In my case Wonder definitely wasn t a sad book, or a book that caused me to cry rivers of tears, it however was a book that made me think a lot about life though I mean how could you not think about Auggie and the world we live in after finishing this book How could you not Wonder if you re a good and righteous person It s easy to say you d never talk bad about a boy like Auggie, but how many of us can truly say that they never said a single bad word about another person How many can say they never bitched about someone else I think the answer is noneJack, sometimes you don t have to mean to hurt someone to hurt someone You understand We re all human, we have our dumb moments, we make m You really are a Wonder, Auggie You are a Wonder I ve read this book twice now, and it will definitely always have a special place in my heart This is a book that makes me laugh, makes me cry, and gives me endless amounts of hope I love this book, and will probably be giving out copies to my friends and family this Christmas first read in May 2013 A Wonderful read for all ages.

Update Saw the 10am movie this morning Paul bought our tickets while I covered my face with my hat until we got to our seats in the dark theater I have a small surgery this coming Monday in the doctor s office on my nose thank heavens for the numbing prescription cream before the shots and knife come at me.
Then the bigger surgery, Nov 29th, at the hospital, so I wanted to see this film escape from hiding inside my home as my inspiration beforecutting on my face I admit to not being able to watch this film without tears It was Wonder ful The movie has a terrific cast Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, Mandy Patinkin, and Izabela Vidovic The film doesn t only focus on Auggie It also revolves around his sister, his parents, his dog, conflicts and friendships with other students at school, and bullying A very heartwarming film.
and litt Ye gods, what a Wonderful book I don t read a lot of realistic middle grade fiction I tend to gravitate toward fantasy But this is probably the best such book I ve read since Sherman Alexie s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian.
The main character August Auggie Pullman is a ten year old boy with severe facial abnormalities Little kids scream when they see him Older kids make fun of him and call him a freak Auggie is home schooled through grade four, but for middle school his parents decide to send him to a private school, Beecher Prep, in New York City Wonder is the story of his fifth grade year, told partly from Auggie s perspective, and partly from the other kids in his life his sister Via, her oldest friend Miranda, Via s boyfriend Justin, and Jack and Summer, Augg Watch my review discussion here a Wonderful first book of the year I read this book almost too quickly, I wanted it to last longer This might be technically a children s book, but it really was such a special and meaningful read and I highly recommend that everyone read this once in their lives

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